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See for yourself how Fox News has been a conservative media outlet  that asserts itself as an attack dog for the GOP…

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Seeing what happened to Bear Stearns, and how the Federal Reserve stepped in to give them cash, I believe Republicans in charge of cabinets such as The Department of Treasury are scrambling to prevent what is eventually going to come to fruition. Their views/policies/skills on how to run/manage things are poor. Their time as the majority party in congress was/is a failure of enormous, embarrassingly proportions.

From corporate scandals (see Enron through Bear Stearns and CEO pay), the war in Iraq (See federal contract fraud) to Hurricane Katrina, the display of their ineptness is tremendous. The most aluring thing about this turn of events is there are no scapegoats they can blame on their performance.

Can’t blame it on welfare moms.

Can’t blame it on affirmative action

Can’t blame it on Democrat’s (though they’ll somehow try- see Newt Gingrich/Karl Rove/Bill Kristol comments in about a year or so)

Can’t blame it on the moral decay of the society

Can’t blame it on abortion supporters

Can’t blame it on middle class tax cuts

Can’t blame it on Democrat spending that causes a deficit (The Republicans have been the kings of spend)

Can’t blame it on excessive punitive damage lawsuits

Can’t blame it on black men

Can’t blame it on the boogie (I had to say that:))

And they certainly aren’t going to own up to the fact that while some of them are smart people, their deviousness/greed/flawed white supremist ideology is just plain wrong!

And their deviousness/greed/flawed white supremist ideology and actions have placed this country, MY COUNTRY, in a state of peril. the dollar is going the way of the peso. Corporations are now seeing that sending jobs overseas leaves no one in America to buy the Chevrolets and the GE appliances. People in the developing countries are not going to buy a GE flat screen TV or a Chevy Impala. They buy Toyota’s, Hondas, Mercedez, and Bmw’s .

Jim Bob in rural NC or Hunter in Denver, Co. were the only ones buying Humvee’s and Chevy’s and they can’t now because they either had to take a pay cut or were laid off. Jim Bob was a construction supervisor only to be replaced by Perdro, the underling who speaks enough English to understand the construction superintendent and also speaks Spanish, so he can also communicate with the illegal employee’s who the owner has hired as laborers.


This gives them the potential ability to blame the next administrations first year policies on the economic collapse of the US and the IRAQ collapse.

Wrong, most of the time, loses. I don’t care how articulate one is and how good at spin they are, right is right and wrong is wrong. Ones true colors always comes out in the end.

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OK, the gloves come off. I’ve been a registered independent going on 10 years now. The reason is that sometime ago during the Clinton administration, I think during the welfare reform time frame, I saw that Clinton was being hailed as a “brotha” President by the press AND people in the black community.

Though the climate at the time was better for Blacks in America, the laws that had just been passed (Welfare Reform and NAFTA) were clearly not in favor of improving the life styles of African-Americans, but were in favor of complicating them even more. These were Clinton’s programs that he would later go on to use as examples of his success as President, so to speak.

Those who know me, know I have been one who has always thought that welfare was a tool of the institution of racism to keep blacks in a lackluster state of being. Kinda like keeping black women in a drugged state of mind, so to speak. I have always felt that the racist wing of the Democrat party always championed this. So you would have thought that I would have supported welfare reform, at the very least.

The way I saw it, after reading up on the legislation through various newspaper/magazine articles (Time, Newsweek, Business Week, etc) while working at the VA hospital during evening and overnight shifts, welfare reform seemed like it was a bill to get women off their butts and back in the work place…………into j0bs that would pay them less than what they were getting on welfare. The job training programs that were bandied about by the proponents of the reform, were clearly smoke screen fodder served to prevent making it seem as though the reform was not just tossing these women out on the streets.

I remember having a debate with the head of our union who was a fellow federal police officer, who didn’t want to consider the effects of pushing a woman off of welfare and into a job that pays them less than what they were getting on welfare and essentially disqualified them from receiving child care help because they were now back in the job market. My argument focused solely on the fact the minimum wage was too low and these women should have been able to at least survive with their children when they are booted out of the projects.

You see, when you get the job at Hardee’s as the early morning biscuit maker, you lose your spot in public housing. You have a job so now you have to get your own place. The thing is, the waiting list for Section 8 is 1 year to 3 years long, depending where you lived, so the woman was in a state of flux.

Well that’s still the case today in 2008. I’ve got a friend who’s daughter has, for whatever reason, lived in LA for the past 6 or so years. She’s had a bad turn of events recently in the job market (like a lot of people) and now she has the need for rent assistance. In March 2008, the waiting list for section 8 vouchers is 3 YEARS in LA. This father called me in a desperate state, asking if I knew of anyone in LA who could help get his daughter a voucher sooner. I did not.

Today, here in NC, the textile industry is feeling the fatal blows of free trade agreements signed into effect during the Bush Administration. These free trade agreements have over the recent years sent NC textile mill jobs to China and Indonesia. But what started the job losses in the NC textile industries was NAFTA. Thousands of NC textile mill jobs were lost to Mexico when the NC textile companies closed mills they had operated in NC for 100 years. They opened similar operations in Mexico to take advantage of low wage labor.

What people don’t know is that those same companies have now since found that infrastructure related concerns had caused manufacturing material in Mexico to become more and more expensive than they wanted it to be. So what have these companies done? They surely haven’t decided to relocate the mills back in NC or the US. They have taken advantage of the free trade agreements signed into law by Bush, closed some of the mills in Mexico, and sent the work to manufacturers in China. That’s one of the reasons why you now have such a large influx of Mexican migrants coming to the US during the Bush administration (and also because Bush essentially opened the border for them to enter freely).

(see http://www.mikeeasley.org/pages/pgs_impact/unfair_trade/imp_utjoblosses.htm and http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0KXG/is_2005_June_22/ai_n15862582/pg_2)

The bottom line is, I saw that Clinton would sell out a black person in a minute (see welfare reform) and the average Joe as well. A lot of whites lost jobs in NC to textile mill closure, but so has a lot of blacks. And their jobs were the first to be cut.

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The stereotype of a pimp is a black guy in awful wizard type clothing with a cane. That may be true for the hood. But the world of pimpin surely is not just relegated to the “Hood”.

Jason Itzler gets taken down by Spitzer for running a hoe service. Spitzer gets taken down for hittin a hoe from a hoe service. A hoe that just so happens to have been one of Itzler’s hoes.

Now imagine Larry King doing an interview with Magic Don Juan, say, if Don Juan turned out to be Ashely Alexandra’s pimp. Wouldn’t happen.

The American media has this thing with prostitution. If it involves a black person (male/female, black male/white female) it’s a story with the tone of low life Americans, dragging down the country. Lock em all up.

When the story involves a white girl and a white pimp, it’s covered with celebrity zeal. The hoe (Alexander) is portrayed as a protected soul, though she’s really just a high priced skank. No different than a porn chick. You think Attorney General/Governor/Power Guy Spitzer paid $2000 an hour (three our minimum) to treat her as though she was his wife? (See Slick Ricks “Treat her like a prostitute”)

The pimp (Itzler), who proclaims that he’s king pimp of all pimps (The white Ice Berg Slim) is interviewed by Larry king and is asked, “How good was she as a hoe?” He basically said, she was my top notch hoe…………………


The 2009 motion picture version of Pretty Woman with a twist of Karma (Spitzer) is headed to a theater near you…………

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It’s actually a Mexican midget in a black Harry Potter hat doing the electric slide.

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The first thing that comes to mind is, John Edwards and Barack Obama did not campaign in Florida because it was understood that the delegates would not be counted.

How can a mail-in primary duplicate what the true turn out would have been had Florida and Michigan not moved up their primaries?

It’s clear that only so many people will bother to mail in a ballot. Just like so many people pass on mail-in-rebates, though they know it’s real money they are passing up.

And of course, there’s always the issue of mail fraud. You know, votes for either candidate being tossed. You know people aren’t going to send the ballots via certified mail. There’s virtually no way possible to safeguard against this.
They did not follow the rules, the candidates agreed to this prior to 1/08. Now Hillary, because she’s on the verge of losing, wants to press that the skewed numbers from those two elections should be counted. In her favor of course.

You don’t see that as an integrity issue with Clinton. I do.

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Obama is tethered to his pastor? Did this man not go to Harvard? I’d say someone who graduates from Harvard surely has the ability to think on his or her own terms.

Oh, my bad.

George W. Bush went to Harvard. (see Karl Rove/Dick Cheney for Bush’s Brain)

Well anyway, not voting for Barack because of what his pastor says is a cop-out. You’re really just searching for that perceived flaw in the veggy that causes you to choose a different one, never mind the one you actually chose has damage that you missed.

What’s next, Oh OK, John McCain will cozy up to Jerry Falwell. You know, the one who said, “Americans “deserved” the 9/11 attacks.”

Oh that’s right. He already did that, didn’t he.


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Someone commented, “is there a shortage of black actors in Hollywood?”. Ben Stiller’s new flick stars Downey in black face, basically. OK, that’s not right. the picture online certainly looks as though they hired the very best in make-up artistry because I gotta admit, he looks like a brotha.

BUT, ………………….. I don’t know how this is gonna go over. I don’t mind it actually. If it’s not demeaning at all to black men. We need to develop thicker skin on SOME issues. This seems like one of em. (But not topics involving the N word, nooses, drug dealer, police brutality, etc..)

****UPDATE*** 8/16/08

i CHANGE MY GODDAMN MIND. The way they marketed this movie, it doesn’t sit well with me. The fact that the use of “retard” word in the movie got/is getting more protest and commentary then the use of modern day black face in the movie is unsettling to me.


Don’t know wtf I was thinking in that earlier post…

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Yet again, another example of the superior values conservatives exude.

The GOP had one person in charge of their treasury with no oversight mechanisms in place. This allowed that one person, Chris Ward, to bilk the GOP treasury of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 5 year period. Par for the course.

When a conservative such as Ron Paul states that less government is what’s needed, what he and other GREEDY fake conservatives really want is to be able to bilk the US Treasury of trillions of dollars without any oversight.

Oh wait, that’s been happening for the past 7 years with the Bush Administration! (See google for a myriad of articles on no bid government contracts that has filled the coffers of Dubya/Cheney’s palls with little or no performance)

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The tax cuts that McCain is saying should be made permanent, have clearly only benefited the wealthy. Except for the past year, Republicans had the House, Senate and White House. Their tax plans and economic policy has failed. This is what it has to show for it’s successes:

  • inflation is rising,
  • The housing industry is a bust,
  • The very companies that were supposed to create more jobs and spur the economy by benefiting from tax cuts are slashing jobs at a higher clip than they had been since Dubya’s start (and that had been at a pretty steady clip)
  • Gas is at an all-time high
  • The dollar is at an all time low
  • Home equity is falling
  • The cost of a college education has risen
  • Money to go college has decreased (grants)
  • The cost of health care for those who have it is increasing

Do I need to keep going? Anyone who says the tax cuts should be made permanent should be exposed for “W” bumper stickers they have on the back of their gas guzzling Humvee’s they drive, and essentially ignored. I would like for something else to happen to them, but negative stuff is not the solution.

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