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The “hard worker” turns out to be a cheat AND a pedophile. Gotta be a Republican! I’m sure those Republican members of Congress still believes that his testimony was “credible”, even after this.

Like minds think alike.

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The white working class “hard worker” has turned out to be a cheat AND a pedophile.

“I cannot refute anything in the story,” a tearful but resolute McCready told the Daily News, which broke the story at midnight Sunday.

In its story Monday night, sources told the News that McCready went with Clemens to his hotel room in Fort Myers, Fla., after their first meeting but that they did not have sex. The relationship turned intimate after she later moved to Nashville and became a country star, the paper said.

In a statement Monday, Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin confirmed McCready was a longtime friend of Clemens and his family, but said the relationship was not sexual.

“At no time did Roger engage in any kind of inappropriate or improper relationship with her,” he said. But sources with knowledge of the relationship between the singer and Clemens say McCready has never met Roger’s wife, Debbie Clemens.



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The racist wing of the Democrat Party has been exposed. Thanks Hillary. Howard Dean, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are shaking in their boots right now. They fear (should know) the racist tone of Hillary’s campaign has caused irreparable harm to what they have always come to rely on, the black vote.

They’re wondering, hoping and praying there are enough white working class people, who typically vote for Republicans, who are willing to vote Democrat come election time.

They think this because of Dupya’s tenure in the White House has made so many people in all walks of life so angry.

What will the Democrat Party do if this doesn’t happen?

I have a suggestion. Go listen to some Justin Timberlake. Cry me a river for all I care. Maybe your much sought after Hispanic constituency will/can replace us.

Oh, I forgot, the white working class don’t like them either.

Hillary, you’ve got some serious kiss-a_s’n to do to get me and the black vote back if you steal this nomination.

Do a back flip. Dance to some Ying Yang Twins. Have a press conference and talk about how your such a fan of Three Six Mafia’s music. I have no doubt that you will try something like this.

Make a fool of yourself like you’ve been doing all along. Do whatever it takes to get back into the White House.

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Hillary the Bosnia sniper fire liar vs. the authentic Rambo POW.

Campaigning to Rocky soundtracks can’t even compete with Rambo.

Especially with the coveted “white male vote”.

But a message of hope and accountability does.

North Carolina will demonstrate this.

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allows one to see that an answer is staring you right in the face. This election demonstrates how the white male vote is the most sought after vote and how it is viewed as the deciding vote . ( I guess it and the “white working class vote)

They could conceivably vote either way, Obama/Clinton/McCain. Some white men hate women so much, but also hate black people. Vice versa. Some are like this, but don’t want a Republican back in office at all costs.

Some are cherishing the opportunity to have a black elected so they can use an agenda to advance their “racism is over”, “slavery happened a long time ago”, “get over it”, “I voted for a black guy”. “How can I be racist?” (though he probably was just caught calling a black the N word in spite) stance. Trust me, you’ll hear that one a lot if Obama wins the Presidency.

And some are just plain fair minded individuals who have listened to all candidates, analyzed their performances in the race so far, and are making a decision without any other influence. ( I do believe that this type of white male exists, like I believe they exist among black voters)

I believe those of us (black voters) who identify with the later need to understand that, collectively, in order to achieve the position as a sought after voter and not one that is just pigeon holed into one category, we must do something that will show that we cannot be taken for granted.

Thats the fear of every candidate right now with respects to “the white working class” or “the white male vote”. Taking their vote for granted.

Obama has to convince them that if he gets into office, he won’t try to give handouts/special attention to black issues. They wonder, will he give away the “house”, so to speak. Will he work to try and make things harder for the working white class or white male either on purpose or for revenge (their real issue with Rev Wrights sermons I believe)? Sure, there are other things. These are just a few examples.

Clinton has to convince them that if she gets into office, there won’t be more scandals like there were in Bill’s tenure as President that caused consternation amongst Americans and partisan grid lock in congress. Concerns like “Will Bill be the next Presidencies version of Dick Cheney (#2 making all the decisions)” or “Do I even want Bill back in the White House?”, or “Can someone who has shown that she can lie about so much actually be trusted with making a decision such as answering a 3am call? Will women take over?

We can do the same with our concerns. Look at what just happened in NY (those officers getting acquitted of killing that guy on his wedding night). Surely the press, which is controlled by white males, won’t take a critical look at this verdict. It will be in the news this weekend, but come Monday, it will purposely be drowned out by articles about Rev Wright defending his sermons.

And they will get away with it. No one will ask Hillary, Obama, or McCain what they think of the verdict. BECAUSE BLACK ISSUES DON’T MATTER.

But if we throw a wrench in this election and subsequent ones, this is the only way for us to be truly respected in the 21st Century.

Just as Obama has demonstrated what we have known forever (that there are viable blacks for every facet of life concerning prosperity in this country), we need to demonstrate as voters that we are viable voters and we cannot be taken for granted.

Folks, a vote for Hillary does not demonstrate this. She has essentially discounted your vote and chalked it up to the Jesse Jackson effect (see her husbands remarks). So has everyone else. The black vote going to McCain ( if Obama does not get the nomination) brings us to the table.

It demonstrates to the Democrat party just how important our vote is to them. THEY CANNOT BEAT JOHN MCCAIN WITHOUT IT(black vote). Whether we stay home or not. ( black people will not be voting in mass or numbers needed to carry Clinton to victory because of her actions this primary season, I can assure you of this!)

I suppose staying home says something. But voting for McCain plays the game. And you can’t win if your not in the game. Your gonna get McCain as your next President if Obama does not get the Democrat nomination. Your gonna get screwed any way.

Hillary the Bosnia sniper fire liar vs. the authentic Rambo POW. Campaigning to Rocky soundtracks can’t even compete with Rambo. But a message of hope and accountability does.

And if Hillary and her supporters think they can convince blacks to stay loyale to them and the Democrat party and vote Democrat this election, they’re sorely mistaken (IF she wins the nomination, that is). The only way that happens is if, gulp, Obama agrees to become her running mate. I hope he never does that. Or, if they find some other viable black to be her running mate.

To me, when you show your “Willie Horton” ways, I’m done with you.

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I told you this was where the action was going to be……………..Gary, Indiana School Board officials are arranging for students age 18 years old and older to be bused to the voting location in Crown Point, Indiana, the place where Hillary Clinton downed a shot of Crown Royal on a campaign stop last month in front of the media.

The Mayor of Hammond, Indiana chimes in that “When you corral kids together and ship them to polling places, it’s completely unethical”.

His city hosted Hillary Clinton on March 28, 2008 and is predominantly white.

Gary Indiana has a populous of around 100,000 and most of the citizens, about 90%, are black. This means that the majority of the kids being bused are black.

The Hammond mayor further chimes in, “These kids come from the worse performing schools in the state of Indiana and WE are giving them a day off to go vote for Obama. They can vote on election day like everybody else.”

The Gary School Board trustee chimed in and said, “This is a very adequate and educational field trip to go see the voting process and have time to actually vote. It is a learning process for government economics, which is a mandatory requirement to graduate.”

Washington said Gary Lew Wallace High School students have been bused to Crown Point to vote for three years now. “The entire board thought this was a great idea. We told (Dr. Mary Steele-Agee) to make sure all the high school seniors are able to go out and vote.

“Elections Board Director Sally LaSota and Lake County Elections Supervisor Michelle Fajman said Gary school officials notified them last week all high school students registered to vote would be bused to Crown Point this week.

LaSota said they wouldn’t turn away potential voters of any age. Fajman said, “Students don’t have time before school opens on election day to vote and they have extracurricular activities at the school. I think it’s a good idea.””

This was all taken from here:


Sounds like sour grapes to me. What about you?

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Abortion man? Seriously, if your trying to commit career suicide, your well on your way. I almost think you made that to show, no, I don’t know that the hell you were thinking.

I do know this, it wasn’t funny. I now put you in the category of your two ignorant younger brothers Marlon and Shawn. You guys will do anything to make a buck. You’ve got more talent then this Damon. At least I thought you did. I actually enjoyed My Wife and Kids and your characters on In Living Color.

But this? I believe the internet is the next TV (for me it has been the past 3 years). Your ruining your chance of being a trailblazer in the concept with this offensive garbage.

I got wind of your stupidity from reading another blog about your stupid abortion man episode. I surely won’t make any plans to stop by on my own after viewing that crap.

Your now in my Aun’t Hillary’s Cabin category of Negro’s.

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