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Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck (no surprising) goes out on the far end and rushes to judgement declaring that a report that a group that formerly hired Obama as an attorney is saying a pray substituting God with Obama.

The group is named The Gamaliel Foundation and was videoed protesting against the lack of health care for all. They say a chant “Hear our cry OH GOD”. The site that first reported the protest (Breitbart.tv) was the first to insinuate that the group was chanting “Here our cry OBAMA” instead of “OH GOD”.

Immedietly, Dobbs and Beck jumps on this insinuation and makes the same insinuation during their radio shows, even going to the lengths of saying that the group   IS  saying OBAMA instead of God and then warning their listeners that this is what “we’re up against here”.  “They are mocking god” says Beck, while Dobbs chimes “it exposes, again, very dangerous forces at work in this country, supporting our supreme leader.”

If you listen to the whole video of the march

you certainly hear them say “OH GOD”.

Actually, we know nothing is going to happen to Glen Beck. He works for Fox News. They are a fringe network. Have been from the start. False accusations made towards anyone who is not a right wing nut is what you expect from an employee of Fox News.

Dobbs is another case. CNN is essentially the creator of cable news. Though they have had a label of being a “liberal leaning” broadcast network, it’s important to note that that label is one that right wing nuts puts on ALL MEDIA (Except that which is owned by Rupert Murdoch and his cronies). They (CNN) do have some form of respectability with the non fringe masses.

I believe that such insinuations should be punished by firing the ones who make them. If the New York Times fired an employee for printing lies (Jayson Blair), shouldn’t the same happen to TV personalities who do the same? They are actually trying to insight a mob. They’re are laws against that in the public. They should also be enforced on the airwaves!

I for one will not watch CNN or read anything on CNN.com until it fires Lou Dobbs

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