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Nondescript Negroes

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Jared Lee Loughner

The name of a terrorist. The press won’t depict him as such but that’s precisely what he is. He attacked a member of Congress and a judge. He shot indiscriminately at innocent people who I’m sure he and his right wing fans view as “casualties of war”.

Sarah Palin should be viewed as a state sponsor of terror as should Fox News. They instigate actions such as this fools as well as whoever sent those packages to the head of Homeland Security and other explosive packages found at postal facilities. This shooting was an act of terrorism. It’s titled “domestic terrorism” via the F.B.I.. How do I know? When I was police officer back in 1999, I attended a domestic terrorism class that the F.B.I. sponsored that educated law enforcement personnel on the threats that militias fueled such as the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing  and how these groups operated in the U.S.

Fast foward to 2009 when Napolitano, Head of Homeland Security, warned of the radical rights threat to our democracy. The explosive package addressed to Napolitano… how is that any different then the packages destined for Jews in Detroit from Yemen terrorist via UPS and FedEx in 2010? There is no difference.

Jared Lee Loughner has put a face on the threat of domestic terrorism as it exists today and that face is that of a white guy.  Not Arab. Not Black. Not Hispanic.

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As a consumer, I often become overrun with the feeling of helplessness when it comes to my experiences with purchasing items for my everyday family needs. While I use to focus on the perspective of my being a black male and how that affects what type of “consumer experience” I usually have, lately I have come to understand that my race is only part of the problem.

Admittedly, I’m a casual observer. Have been my whole life. The difference today is that my viewpoint on life is so much more matured and clearly focused at this point as compared to how I “processed” things in my 20’s and 30’s. I now observe that it is not only myself who gets shitty service from today’s corporate retail and professional establishments, but that just about EVERYONE gets it.

Today I can pinpoint the problem immediately, while in the past I was just baffled.

Its the stock market.

In my way of seeing things, the stock market drives shopping experiences. I would say that 99% of major retail establishments that are nationwide entities are public companies, meaning their shares are traded on the stock market. Essentially, investor dividends dictate what type of service the employer provides to the public. It’s all about posting a higher profit then the previous quarter to keep investors happy. Basically, keep costs down and profits up…at all costs. Even if customer service suffers.

These public corporations control damn near EVERYTHING we as Americans do on a daily basis. The stock holders that control them are only a tiny fraction of the American population. Where I used to be in control with choice, that has dwindled due to the weakening of the federal governments enforcement of anti-trust laws. Who weakened them…Republicans, fueled by donations thru lobbying firms funded by who…large corporations (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/09/business/09antitrust.html?_r=1).

When this happens, the consumer gets arrogant corporate mindsets that essentially say, take it or leave, we don’t care because we know our only other competitor (if there is one) offers the same shitty customer service at essentially the same shitty price.  And go ahead and complain to your federal government… we’ve got the congressmen and senators in our back pockets.
Essentially, “Crony Capitalism” has eroded our freedoms and most Americans have not even noticed.

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I’ve been going back and forth with so called “progressive Democrats” about their attacks on Obama being no different then attacks on Obama from the right. Then it hit me. These attacks are coming from the Hillary Clinton voter base. They never really warmed up to the idea of a black man leading them and never got over Hillary losing.

It’s like the kid on the basketball court that gets upset because his team loses and takes the basketball home with him immediately after the loss so that no one continues to play.

Trust me, Republicans are taking note:

The Clinton Voters Jump Ship

Obama’s shrinking base

I’m surprised they (Clinton supporters) didn’t turn on him (Obama) sooner… like one year into his Presidency. Oh that’s right, we are one year into his Presidency.

I expected this. , however.

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Really. That’s all I can say about the thatsrightnate.com blog post… New Basketball League to Rebreak Color Barrier

What am I doing perusing a quack right wing site? thatsrightnate.com showed up in my viewers stats so I was curious to check out just what Nate was about (like I do others who visit my blog).

Anyway, I stumbled across Nate’s post with the above title. This post is on par with all the other right wing crap this Tea Party nut case has on this site. What was real interesting is that your greeted with the reality that this site has had 250,000, that’s right TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND hits. Par for the course because I believe this country is still full of white racist who are seething because there is a black President.

In the post, Nate disregards that fact that leagues such as the Negro Leagues were created by blacks because of Jim Crow laws and segregation ideology that prevented blacks from competing against anyone white in a major sport. Nate re-writes history to suggest or support a viewpoint that “The shameful secret of the Negro Leagues is that they had a color barrier that kept white players from playing. ”

Seriously, he writes this. And I’m sure there are 250,000 fools out there reading it who now believes this crap.

I’ll say this, the inevitable is coming. What these Tea Party Revolutionaries don’t understand is that IF there is a revolution, it’s going to be against their asses.

They are fooling themselves into thinking that their the oppressed ones when all along their types have been the oppressor. Whether directly through participating in greedy business practices, or indirectly by voting in pro- greedy business politicians such as the Bush’s, Cheney’s, Reagan’s and Nixon’s.

Now they want to take a fake “revolutionist” tenor and call for a change after one year of losing the controls of the ship that THEY took off course with the fuel of trickle down economics.

Bring it. Truth and the power of the oppressed fuels a revolution. Someone who can afford over $1000 to attend  what amounts to a KKK convention over a weekend surely cannot be placed into the category of the oppressed. Especially in this economy. Take a look in the mirror and see who the revolution will target…YOU!

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The up coming tea party is yet another example of Republican Gluttony disguised as a political movement.

Yey! I get to use Fox as a link to underscore a point..

‘Tea Party Nation’ Prepares Convention, But Partiers Balk at For-Profit Event

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A recent response to one of my posts has got me thinking. I’ve noticed that essentially every Republican that I know or have come across since I got out the Air Force had never served in the military.

They go to great lengths disparaging people they do not feel are true Americans. While I do not feel that being or having served in the military is a sort of litmus test for what a “true” American is, I often wonder if these wusses (that’s what I truly think of the ones that I meet) have any idea of what service to country really is.

Essentially, they’re the cows that graze off the riches of the land that military members defend.  It’s no wonder the ones who are really in control of the Republican regime (Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh) are as fat ass cows (get it…as fat ass cows).

The eptimy of capitalistic gluttony. How Republican of them.

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Obama just passed his one year mark recently. My thoughts on his presidency so far brings to memory a post I submitted back in October 2008. It was titled “Republicans, after Obama, it’s back to the good ole days…”.

My take on Obama’s first year is that when he said ‘We have a deficit of trust” during his State of the Union Address, he wasn’t talking about the obvious (Republicans and big business). He was talking about trust among Democrats themselves. Obama’s first year has been a struggle. Though Democrats had the vaunted “supermajority” 60 vote advantage, they did not fully support the White House’s agenda. Why?  Because quite a bit of them have proven to be controlled by the same lobbyist that control Republicans.  And I suspect that some of them are still a little bothered about being led by a black man.

My post back in October 2008 basically talks about this part of the Democrat Party. It’s the same section that brought forward so much disdain at the thoughts of having to vote for a Democrat presidential candidate who happened to be black. The present Democrat Party as a whole has so far proven that they  lack the courage to become apart of the type of change that Obama has tried to usher into American politics. We knew the Republicans would not cooperate (and they have not). It’s the representatives and senators on the Democrat side of the aisle that have proven to be the roadblocks to passing key legislation that the Obama Administration has championed.

What the Democrats don’t understand is that this is their last chance and the last chance for this country. If they don’t stop blocking Obama’s agenda then they are sure to loose the black vote come next election. Say what you want of the support Obama got from whites and hispanics, it was the black vote and the numbers in which they turned out that carried Obama over. the Democrat Party will not get that again if they continue to betray Obama and work behind the scenes with Republicans to make it seem as though Obama can’t get the job done.

The very next time we get a Republican President, you can kiss the good ole US of A goodbye. The damage that Dupya caused coupled with a paralyzed one term Obama Presidency lays the ground work for the GOP to finish the job due to it’s alliance with big business. The ultimate goal of this alliance is the total destruction of the middle class. This would mean more profits for the haves off the backs of the havenots.

The conservative Supreme Court just demonstrated the alliance effects by essentially overturning settled law that now allows for corporations to rig every election with overwhelming pro republican advertising that will surely brainwash or simple scare voters into voting for Republicans. (yes, American voters are that gullible)

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Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck (no surprising) goes out on the far end and rushes to judgement declaring that a report that a group that formerly hired Obama as an attorney is saying a pray substituting God with Obama.

The group is named The Gamaliel Foundation and was videoed protesting against the lack of health care for all. They say a chant “Hear our cry OH GOD”. The site that first reported the protest (Breitbart.tv) was the first to insinuate that the group was chanting “Here our cry OBAMA” instead of “OH GOD”.

Immedietly, Dobbs and Beck jumps on this insinuation and makes the same insinuation during their radio shows, even going to the lengths of saying that the group   IS  saying OBAMA instead of God and then warning their listeners that this is what “we’re up against here”.  “They are mocking god” says Beck, while Dobbs chimes “it exposes, again, very dangerous forces at work in this country, supporting our supreme leader.”

If you listen to the whole video of the march

you certainly hear them say “OH GOD”.

Actually, we know nothing is going to happen to Glen Beck. He works for Fox News. They are a fringe network. Have been from the start. False accusations made towards anyone who is not a right wing nut is what you expect from an employee of Fox News.

Dobbs is another case. CNN is essentially the creator of cable news. Though they have had a label of being a “liberal leaning” broadcast network, it’s important to note that that label is one that right wing nuts puts on ALL MEDIA (Except that which is owned by Rupert Murdoch and his cronies). They (CNN) do have some form of respectability with the non fringe masses.

I believe that such insinuations should be punished by firing the ones who make them. If the New York Times fired an employee for printing lies (Jayson Blair), shouldn’t the same happen to TV personalities who do the same? They are actually trying to insight a mob. They’re are laws against that in the public. They should also be enforced on the airwaves!

I for one will not watch CNN or read anything on CNN.com until it fires Lou Dobbs

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For displaying WHY I DON’T LIKE SPORTS WRITERS! Your column on Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech underscores how giving guys such as yourself, who’ve surely never competed in a sport (when you were a kid or adult, in an organized environments or just with neighborhood friends) such a pedestal (such as an opinionated sports writer) is a very bad idea.

I didn’t see the speech until this morning. I had seen and read Adrian Wojnarowski ‘s article on Jordan being a bully and how sad his speech was, and initially, I got scared that Jordan had tarnished his legacy with a galling speech. Then, the “regular brotha” in me kicked in. I regularly question a sports writer take on things. Especially when the issue is related to a black athlete and the writers a white guy who has no connection to the sport (does not have a history of playing the sport).

How do I know Adrian Wojnarowski does not have a connection to the sport of playing basketball (or ANY DAMN SPORT)? Just look at his article’s picture. Period. Enough said! He’s the Joe Buck, Bob Costas of yahoo sports writers. Guys whose opinions really have no damn merit, but so much power because some dumb ass owner hired them so that they could give the perspective of the geek/normal guy on sporting events.

Now I will prefis this rant with the admission that I am a Bulls fan. Thus, I am a great fan of Jordan the basketball player. Now Jordan the man…those who know me know I really don’t care much for THAT guy. But this (hall of fame speech) was not about Jordan the person. It was about Jordan the basketball player.

I’ll let my ADD kick in here and say that the same parallel could be made about people like Muhammad Ali, or Pete Rose, even Lance Armstrong among others.

When I watch sports, I ( I don’t know about you) identify with athletes who seem to have this fire in them. Not fake fire, or anger or cockiness. I’m talking about that fire. The type that is fueled by well meaning people who place obstacles in front of you and also jerks who place obstacles in front of you. This issue parallels my life. I have had many of these types of experiences. They (these types of people…especially the jerks!)  motivated me to overcome just about every obstacle that has ever been placed in front of me.

Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech was about the logs that was placed on top of the competitive fire that is still, to this day, inside of him. Period. I think if one looses perspective of this, and let their own shortcomings cloud their judgment, they are sure to come away with the perspective that Adrian Wojnarowski did.

I believe that people like Adrian Wojnarowski is more Jerry Krause then like athletes. This is the problem with sports writers like him, Bob Costas, Mike Greenburg and Joe Buck. They are the Dan Snyders of sports journalism. They have power to sway things that they have NO experience in.

See, I bek

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