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Come general election, let Hillary be the candidate. She might have Bob Magic Maya Maxine Johnson vote for her, but for the most part blacks in general will stay home.

The Republicans can count on their constituents to continue to vote Republican because they’re well off enough and stupid enough to continue to vote for people who, never mind them destroying this country, will continue to put moola in their pockets through more tax cuts for their businesses or themselves because of their income bracket.

Hispanics are going to vote for Hillary, but there are not as many “eligible” Hispanic voters nationwide then there are blacks, so when you add their numbers to the six working class smoes who are going to vote for Hillary, they don’t trump what the Republicans bring to the polls.

You can stick a fork in Hillary’s ability to attract the black vote after her race card tactics against Obama. It’s dead. And Bill Clinton can kiss my as$!

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Look no further then the steel city and it’s surrounding municipalities to find bitter small town folk who won’t hesitate to say so. This is the area Hillary threw down a shot of Crown at the bar to show she can hang with the boys.

We’ll one thing you can count on, it’s going to take more then drinking a shot of whiskey to convince those people in Hammond, Gary, Whiting, Griffith, Hobart, Portage and East Chicago that a vote for her is a vote for American jobs. These people will not be fooled. They are tough as hell and they see through bull s quite well.

I’ll say this, if the people in “the region” (that’s what they call it) outside of the city limits of Gary show strong support for Obama, this proves that he can garner the white working class vote. To me, this is the real test. Not those PA folks.

Those people outside of Gary hate black people as a whole because of the legacy of Richard G. Hatcher. Yea, I said it. I was born and raised in Gary. My dad worked in Inland steel for 30 years. I’ll call it like I know it.

But hopefully, those people understand that Hillary will play them like Bill did on the steel tariffs issue that his Administration tip toed around.

The real story is not what Indianapolis, Fort Wayne or Evansville think or how they vote. All eyes should be on one of the funkiest places on the planet, Lake County, Indiana.

Let’s see how funky Hillary can get. ( I really don’t want a visual of that)

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America. You’ve had almost 8 years of Dubya looking you right in the eye and lying to you. You had every reason to get rid of him before his re-election, yet some of you blindly believed in the President. “He wouldn’t mislead us”, you probably told yourself.

I bet those of you who fit in this category believe ‘ole Dubya” when he said (today) that the US is not in a recession. He says we’re just in a slow down.

You need to take a look at a post I’ve got in my tax cut economics category for a wake up. Last month, I predicted this statement would be coming out of his mouth fairly soon.

If you want more punishment for your stupidity, a vote for Clinton or McCain gives you what you want. They have a proven track record of being the type of people who have no problem looking you right in the eye and lying to you.

Be it related to an issue concerning our national security or a just a regular old presidential stump speech appearance, they’ll tell you what they think you either want to hear, changing their previously touted position in the blink of an eye; or tell you what they need to in order to either stoke fear in you or to clean up something they said that exposed them for the lying souls they really are.

I don’t live in a small town now. I don’t own a gun and I keep my religion to myself. But yes I’m bitter. I’m originally from a small town called Bitter City (Gary) Indiana. I know what being bitter is like living in a small town that has got the short end of the stick year after year after year.

I’ll just say that, collectively, this country has worked very hard to make it what it has been. In spite of all it’s transgressions, it’s still been the land of opportunity.

We have a new opportunity to add to the legacy of those of the past (all races, creeds and colors) who shed blood in all aspects of historic struggles that shaped our democracy.

If only so many were so aware of this.

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I just filled up my tank and the price of a gallon of regular is $3.50 plus at just about every gas station here in Raleigh, NC.

I just had to pay a $333 co-pay for a ct scan for my daughter earlier in the day.

I’m pissed.

I stop by a convience store and over hear several NC candidates for Governor advertisements for my vote while I was in line to pay for an overpriced bottle of Sunkist. All of them say that I need a governor that won’t look out for the special interest people or it’s time for the “not so special interest citizens of the state of NC” to have someone in the Governors house that will look out for them.

I get home, check the news on the net, and I’m inundated with video reports showing Hillary dancing on stage to the tune of Rocky, or reading about Obama asking people can they smell what he’s cookin.

And George W. Bush has the nerve to go to NEW ORLEANS of all places and dances on stage, having a good ole time with some house servant looking brotha with an umbrella dancing with him.

I have no choice but to vote and become involved in the political process no matter what the outcome of the 2008 Presidency for the rest of my life. I will not go down without a fight. The reason I blog now is solely to voice my “perspectives on life and politics from a brotha’s perspective”.

No political candidate speaks for me. I’ve got a decent paying job. I’ve got health insurance. I’ve got a home with a regular mortgage. I’m raising two girls and my spouse is someone with a Master’s Degree who’s had to accept a job paying her far below what she used to make and provide what’s needed to have something left after the important bills are paid, just to pay her student loans that will soon kick in after her deferment expires (she was unemployed for 8 months prior to this February 08).

I am doing great by some other peoples standards, but I am struggling to stay afloat. But I will stay afloat. And I will make my voice heard. I am neither black nor a liberal or a conservative. I am a citizen of these United States of America.

Hopefully, those of you voting for Hillary understands what someone is saying when they say they are voting for Obama more for the revolution that it fuels. Voting for Hillary does not fuel revolution. It brings back some of the same special interest people back into power or keeps some who’s already in power, in place.

The Clinton history of pandering has been “vetted” by ones look back at Bill’s Presidency. Do you think the Clintons are scared of any of us? Hell no. Especially not Bill. He’s shown us that hand.

I want someone who cares what white people are going to say about their moves/decisions. What Black people care about their moves/decisions. What Hispanics and Asians care about their moves/decisions. I want us all to have that weight.

I hope Obama wins. And after him, I hope someone else wins who’s so new to the scene that they too have not been around long enough to owe something to a special interest. They would have to worry about what THE PEOPLE think of his or her decisions as President.

And not let these bastards get away with gouging us at the pump and laying people off because their investors like it when they cut costs and move jobs overseas so the profits can go up so more rich people either here or in Saudi Arabia, Japan or China can buy the stock at a higher cost.

Hopefully, there are enough people out there thinking this way and not the same number of fools who actually voted for GHWB not once, but twice.

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Bob Johnson, Maya Angelou, Maxine Waters. These are just a few stars of the 2008 remake of Uncle Tom’s Cabin retitled, Aunt Hillary’s Cabin.

Listen, one might take the position that the title of this post is mean spirited and suggests that I am a supporter of Obama because he’s black and the Bob Johnsons and Maya Angelo’s should be supporting him because he’s black and, well, their black.

If you read this post, maybe you’ll learn something about the black mind set that is shared by quite a few of the black middle class.

You see, I believe it is appalling for those individuals to be avid supporters for someone who has clearly played the race card against her black opponent time and time again. Hillary has done so with this youtube clip that, I believe advances a racial stereotype (Aunt Jemima) as well as the following:

  • Her campaigns involvement of putting out the Obama in Somalian Garb photo
  • Bill Clinton’s comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson in winning South Carolina
  • Hillary’s statement that it took a white president to bring about real civil rights change, not Martin Luther Kings actions
  • Bill Clinton’s mockery of Obama’s candidacy as being a ‘fairy tale” on issues involving Iraq
  • Hillary refusing to denounce or reject Geraldine Ferraro’s comments of Obama’s campaign
  • Hillary not rebuking Bob Johnson’s mentioning of Obama’s admitted cocaine use in introducing her to a crowd of people
  • many many others………..

How can Maya Angelo end a campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton in Winston Salem, NC with the quote, “If you help her rise, we will all rise together,”? I mean her respect and star quality could potentially have CITIZENS black/white/hispanic/asian/other actually consider supporting Billary because they have some compassion for the less fortunate.

Under Bill Clinton, 225,000 more inmates were incarcerated in his 8 year presidency than were under the REAGAN administration. In total, between 1980 and 1999, the incarceration rate for African American males more than tripled from 1156 per 100,000, to 3,620 per 100,000. ” This was taken from an article written about Bill Clinton’s adoption or, as the article states, ‘stole the get tough on crime show” legacy.

The Billary (I call her candidacy Billary because this is what we’d really get if she won) presidency from 93 to 2000 supported and signed laws such as “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994”. The incarceration rate of African American males continued to increase under the Clinton Administration, primarily due to this Act. Why is this important you ask?

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 provided money to local and state governments to add 100,000 police to the streets and billions of money to help build———PRISONS.

What did Hillary just propose this April 2008 in a speech to Pa. supporters? To hire 100,000 police officers.

Now I know some of you are thinking, If they do the crime, they should do the time, right? (Cue the Starksy and Hutch theme song)

Well, the problem was that crimes the majority of the black males were incarcerated for during the Clinton Administration were for crack cocaine related convictions, a crime who’s penalties were certainly designed to disproportionately raise the incarceration rate of black males when it was signed into law during the Reagan Administration.

The Clinton presidency did nothing to try repeal or alter this law that unfairly incarcerated black males at a rate higher then the any other demographic. Instead, he used it to his advantage in showing he too could be tough on those thug black males.

To show you how savvy the Clintons are, they knew someone like me was privy to the statistics that show Bill Clinton’s performance in allowing Black males to rise alright, in the prison ranks that is.

So Hillary adds to her campaign speech stating that she’d add 100,000 police to the streets, that she’d also “eliminate the federal mandatory five year sentence for crack cocaine users”.

I guess we should be like Maya in this picture,Maya Angelo campaigning for Hillary Clinton with Bob Johnson on the banjo and Maxine Waters in the back ground

Starring Maya Angelo, Bob Johnson and Maxine Waters

Well, Hillary, the damage has already been done.

Maya, I understand you are a feminist. You have seen so many black women suffer from abuse and low self esteem as a result of their experience with African American men. I’m sure your even knowledgeable of the statistics I’ve mentioned in this post that shows just a GLIMMER of the black male experience in the U.S and offers some insight as to why they are so dysfunctional when it comes to relationships with women in general.

But how can you actually believe that a Hillary presidency will benefit the African American community? I think you’ve been smokin what Bob Johnson and Maxine Waters has been smokin.

That Billary Weed. You remember, the type that Bill Clinton said he didn’t inhale…………….

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She’d have been forced out of the race some time ago. Like after Super Tuesday’s results or after being exposed for telling lie after lie after lie.

What cha think about THAT Geraldine?

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The article was titled, “OOPS, Hillary did it again”

Hillary Clinton has been called out again about a mis-truth/story she has spouted in campaign speeches recently. She got caught telling a made up story about a pregnant women who was supposedly denied medical treatment at an Ohio hospital and subsequently DIED some days later at a different hospital, seemingly due to deteriorating complications related to having being denied medical treatment days earlier at the other hospital.

Now she talks about Obama not having any substance, just speeches. No one has been able to corner him on mis-truths (they recently tried on the Chicago Univ/professor fact) mentioned in his speeches. Because they HAVE SUBSTANCE!

Hillary’s substance is made up. In the day and age of the internet, one can’t get away with what worked in the past. That is say things that are not true, know the media (who’s really in your camp) won’t call you out on it, and ride the lies to victory, having successfully fooled (see Dubya/Rove/Cheney) the general pubic into believing what you have said.

It has been blogs and the Youtube type of moments that have forced the current news media into challenging these lies. When Sinbad (the comedian who accompanied Clinton on her trip to Bosnia) was interviewed about the Clinton’s take on the Bosnia trip, he exposed her for the liar she is. The CBS News had to follow through with their footage they had on file about the event for fear of being on the back end of the issue.

Once again, if Hillary were black, she would have been forced out a long time ago due to her snafus. I think some people are OK with her staying in so they can really see if Barack can take it. I seriously don’t see that McCain is savvy enough to corner Obama on ANY issue.

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