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I feel dejected. After seeing/reading/listening to the news and events that have happened to/in this country over the past month, I gotta say, “What can we do to stop the powerless from being trounced? Nothing!

I’ve never been a defeatist. It’s just the blatant, in your face (because of the internet) display of how the rich controls our lives in every aspect of life has got me shaken. They control your health, they control your living standards (your pay), they control your kids education, they control the lives of everyonei n the US and the rest of the world.

Just Google these tags and see for yourself:

Don Blankenship/Massey Energy/State Supreme Court Judges

Bear stearns/non bank bailouts

UBS/Phil Gram/John McCain/Economic policy

Homebuilder tax breaks

Big oil

FAA/Southwest Airlines

New York’s Passenger Bill of Rights

4000 plus US military dead

KBR, Inc./ water contamination/Dick Chaney

Dick Chaney/military volunteers/war deaths

H1B fraud

Virtual Border Fence

The Dollar

All of these issues are examples of how big business are in control of our lives/laws/liberty, and how they say with straight faces, things that are clearly lies and no one is able to do anything about it.

The United States is in disrepair. It’s gonna take more than a new President to fix it.

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