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So Obama might just be the next president of the U.S.. While I applaud his position, I also have to signal the need for his black supporters to “wake up and smell what’s brewing”.

I mentioned in previous post how a Barack win will bring about a new type of perspective on blacks in the eyes of quite a bit of White America. The first thought that comes to mind is that since he is articulate (like millions upon millions of other Blacks) and (if) he actually wins the presidency and does his time in the White House, then this will provide a step forward in the area of racial relations in this country.

Then comes: Racism? What Racism”.

This is where the “wake up” comes in. The Obama-Clinton race for the Democrat nomination demonstrated just how much racism is still in existence in this country. It’s true the mere fact a black man can be seen as a viable candidate for the Presidency and receive millions upon millions of votes from white voters is surely a sign that race relations have taken a monumental leap from the year I was born (68).

On the contrary, the venomous campaign approach Clinton used to stay in the race showed just how easily it is to stoke white racist feelings about black men and people in general, and use it as a motivating tool to go against anything that involves the improvement of black people, whether it be in their personal lives or the perception of black life/people in all of the Americas.

Which brings me to this; A blacks ability to advance in this country is going to take a DRAMATIC change with an Obama Presidency.

Expect more heated and intense challenges to affirmative action from whites.

Expect even more scrutiny when the need to use anti-discrimination laws justifiably arise

Expect more charges that blacks are racist towards whites

Expect there to be a perception that everything is level now. We do have a black president, you know…

The days of a Shaq rapping about Kobe (justifiably) and using the n word without receiving heat are gone. Shaq got a taste of that years ago when he mocked Chinese dialect when making a statement about Yao Ming.

Black people, if we are going to cry a hissy fit about a guy like Imus saying the N word or something racist, we’ve got to expect that we need to be held to the same standard.

It’s a unique time for black people here in the U.S.. I for one believe it’s going to be a good, positive change overall. It’s going to be tough. The majority (whites) still and will continue to do things that WE blacks know are racist.

It happens to me at least once a day as a black man. Every singe f_ckin day. Sometimes in small subtle occurances. Other times in ways that simply Makes Me Wanna Holla!

It’s time for us to police our own. We have alot of growing to do within our own community. Our own little Zimbabwe’s and Mugabe’s across the country within our own communities. We’ve been needing a jolt and I believe the Obama experience is and will catapult us into the next episode.

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What the people/voters feel is negative. The exit polls, you now, answers of particular questions from people who voted (since your asking for definitions) tell the story that more voters think the Clinton campaign, that means her and yes you, her staffers, are running a negative campaign.

You want examples? No before I post them, why is that you Clinton staffers/supporters think you can get away with asking such a question like “define negative” in the internet age we’re in? It’s so easy to slap you into reality.

Here are just a few of the examples:

  • the Clinton campaign has pulled a radio ad that quoted the Illinois senator calling Republicans “the party of ideas” and suggesting he thought those ideas superior to Democratic ones.
  • she mocked Obama and his message of hope and change in a very theatrical, over-the-top manner.
  • Clinton Campaign Disguises Negative Flier About Obama’s Health Plan As Product of Edwards Campaign
  • The 3am ad
  • The Clinton campaign is using robocalls to tell Pennsylvanians Obama is not the candidate for them.
  • Congressman Delahunt to address the Negative Clinton Campaign Mailer in Mass
  • accusing the junior senator of being both inexperienced and a talker, not a doer
  • Senator Clinton has suggested that Obabma is all about the “rhetoric,” not substance, saying “You can choose speeches or solutions.”
  • former President Bill Clinton implying that Obama was “not a patriot”


I haven’t even mentioned the Billy Boys comment about Obama’s SC win and Jesse Jackson, or Geraldine Ferraro’s Obama being privileged to be a black candidate comment (she was a member of the Clinton campaign at the time).

How bout this:

Does this help explain why THE PEOPLE think Hillary Clinton is running a negative campaign?

How bout this then:

An excerpt from scummy Dick Morris in an article written November 27, 2007, explaining “How Hillary will go negative”

November 27, 2007 — AS her once-formidable lead in national polls dwindles and Barack Obama moves ahead of her in the all-important Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton will likely intensify her negative campaign against her rivals.

The Clintons’ political MO has always had a good dose of negative campaigning, especially when the going gets rough. There’s no reason to assume that they will alter their game plan now.

I remember Bill’s race for re-election as Arkansas governor back in 1990, when he found himself falling behind Hal McCrae, his unknown Democratic primary opponent. After Clinton’s 10 years as governor, McCrae’s attacks – featuring Daliesque stretched-out clocks tolling the time for him to go – were hitting home. Hillary decided to attend McCrae’s next press conference and engage him in a public, impromptu debate about his attacks on her husband. She gave as good as she got – and her foray marked the start of a four-week campaign of negative ads that brought McCrae down.

The Clintons used negative ads and attacks in each gubernatorial campaign – and, of course, in Bill’s two races for president.-

I can keep going if you’d like…………………..


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she surely would not be where SHE is right now. She is still a candidate for president despite such gaffs as:

  • the Bosnia sniper lie/misqoute/say anything to get elected/oh she was tired statement-speeches
  • her CHIEF campaign strategist being a supporter/lobbyist for a firm that represented the Columbia government (was fired today) in a free trade agreement proposal that is (now get this) opposed by Hillary
  • seeking a renewed effort to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates (because she is behind), after agreeing to them being not counted as punishment for them moving up their primary’s (before the elections started)

Imagine if Hillary were a black woman or a black man with these types of gaffs either at the beginning of the campaign or where the campaign is now. THE PRESS WOULD BE ALL OVER HER/HIM AND HE/SHE WOULD HAVE TO DROP OUT!

Thats fact!

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