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Abortion man? Seriously, if your trying to commit career suicide, your well on your way. I almost think you made that to show, no, I don’t know that the hell you were thinking.

I do know this, it wasn’t funny. I now put you in the category of your two ignorant younger brothers Marlon and Shawn. You guys will do anything to make a buck. You’ve got more talent then this Damon. At least I thought you did. I actually enjoyed My Wife and Kids and your characters on In Living Color.

But this? I believe the internet is the next TV (for me it has been the past 3 years). Your ruining your chance of being a trailblazer in the concept with this offensive garbage.

I got wind of your stupidity from reading another blog about your stupid abortion man episode. I surely won’t make any plans to stop by on my own after viewing that crap.

Your now in my Aun’t Hillary’s Cabin category of Negro’s.

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