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Abortion man? Seriously, if your trying to commit career suicide, your well on your way. I almost think you made that to show, no, I don’t know that the hell you were thinking.

I do know this, it wasn’t funny. I now put you in the category of your two ignorant younger brothers Marlon and Shawn. You guys will do anything to make a buck. You’ve got more talent then this Damon. At least I thought you did. I actually enjoyed My Wife and Kids and your characters on In Living Color.

But this? I believe the internet is the next TV (for me it has been the past 3 years). Your ruining your chance of being a trailblazer in the concept with this offensive garbage.

I got wind of your stupidity from reading another blog about your stupid abortion man episode. I surely won’t make any plans to stop by on my own after viewing that crap.

Your now in my Aun’t Hillary’s Cabin category of Negro’s.

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Bob Johnson, Maya Angelou, Maxine Waters. These are just a few stars of the 2008 remake of Uncle Tom’s Cabin retitled, Aunt Hillary’s Cabin.

Listen, one might take the position that the title of this post is mean spirited and suggests that I am a supporter of Obama because he’s black and the Bob Johnsons and Maya Angelo’s should be supporting him because he’s black and, well, their black.

If you read this post, maybe you’ll learn something about the black mind set that is shared by quite a few of the black middle class.

You see, I believe it is appalling for those individuals to be avid supporters for someone who has clearly played the race card against her black opponent time and time again. Hillary has done so with this youtube clip that, I believe advances a racial stereotype (Aunt Jemima) as well as the following:

  • Her campaigns involvement of putting out the Obama in Somalian Garb photo
  • Bill Clinton’s comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson in winning South Carolina
  • Hillary’s statement that it took a white president to bring about real civil rights change, not Martin Luther Kings actions
  • Bill Clinton’s mockery of Obama’s candidacy as being a ‘fairy tale” on issues involving Iraq
  • Hillary refusing to denounce or reject Geraldine Ferraro’s comments of Obama’s campaign
  • Hillary not rebuking Bob Johnson’s mentioning of Obama’s admitted cocaine use in introducing her to a crowd of people
  • many many others………..

How can Maya Angelo end a campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton in Winston Salem, NC with the quote, “If you help her rise, we will all rise together,”? I mean her respect and star quality could potentially have CITIZENS black/white/hispanic/asian/other actually consider supporting Billary because they have some compassion for the less fortunate.

Under Bill Clinton, 225,000 more inmates were incarcerated in his 8 year presidency than were under the REAGAN administration. In total, between 1980 and 1999, the incarceration rate for African American males more than tripled from 1156 per 100,000, to 3,620 per 100,000. ” This was taken from an article written about Bill Clinton’s adoption or, as the article states, ‘stole the get tough on crime show” legacy.

The Billary (I call her candidacy Billary because this is what we’d really get if she won) presidency from 93 to 2000 supported and signed laws such as “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994”. The incarceration rate of African American males continued to increase under the Clinton Administration, primarily due to this Act. Why is this important you ask?

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 provided money to local and state governments to add 100,000 police to the streets and billions of money to help build———PRISONS.

What did Hillary just propose this April 2008 in a speech to Pa. supporters? To hire 100,000 police officers.

Now I know some of you are thinking, If they do the crime, they should do the time, right? (Cue the Starksy and Hutch theme song)

Well, the problem was that crimes the majority of the black males were incarcerated for during the Clinton Administration were for crack cocaine related convictions, a crime who’s penalties were certainly designed to disproportionately raise the incarceration rate of black males when it was signed into law during the Reagan Administration.

The Clinton presidency did nothing to try repeal or alter this law that unfairly incarcerated black males at a rate higher then the any other demographic. Instead, he used it to his advantage in showing he too could be tough on those thug black males.

To show you how savvy the Clintons are, they knew someone like me was privy to the statistics that show Bill Clinton’s performance in allowing Black males to rise alright, in the prison ranks that is.

So Hillary adds to her campaign speech stating that she’d add 100,000 police to the streets, that she’d also “eliminate the federal mandatory five year sentence for crack cocaine users”.

I guess we should be like Maya in this picture,Maya Angelo campaigning for Hillary Clinton with Bob Johnson on the banjo and Maxine Waters in the back ground

Starring Maya Angelo, Bob Johnson and Maxine Waters

Well, Hillary, the damage has already been done.

Maya, I understand you are a feminist. You have seen so many black women suffer from abuse and low self esteem as a result of their experience with African American men. I’m sure your even knowledgeable of the statistics I’ve mentioned in this post that shows just a GLIMMER of the black male experience in the U.S and offers some insight as to why they are so dysfunctional when it comes to relationships with women in general.

But how can you actually believe that a Hillary presidency will benefit the African American community? I think you’ve been smokin what Bob Johnson and Maxine Waters has been smokin.

That Billary Weed. You remember, the type that Bill Clinton said he didn’t inhale…………….

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