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you know whats! The U.S. economy is under attack. And not by Muslim extremist with towel heads and long beards. They’re wearing Brooks Brothers blue suits or their undies while sitting at a computer in their home day trading.

They are called oil speculators. And if the dollar falls to a point where OPEC decides to use the Euro instead of the dollar…


These speculators have manipulated the rise in the cost of a barrel of oil by simply referring to “speculation” about supply/demand/reserve concerns in driving up the costs of oil.

Their “speculation” has no valid connection to what the actual oil supply/demand/reserve facts are. Google it and you’ll see…

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The tax cuts that McCain is saying should be made permanent, have clearly only benefited the wealthy. Except for the past year, Republicans had the House, Senate and White House. Their tax plans and economic policy has failed. This is what it has to show for it’s successes:

  • inflation is rising,
  • The housing industry is a bust,
  • The very companies that were supposed to create more jobs and spur the economy by benefiting from tax cuts are slashing jobs at a higher clip than they had been since Dubya’s start (and that had been at a pretty steady clip)
  • Gas is at an all-time high
  • The dollar is at an all time low
  • Home equity is falling
  • The cost of a college education has risen
  • Money to go college has decreased (grants)
  • The cost of health care for those who have it is increasing

Do I need to keep going? Anyone who says the tax cuts should be made permanent should be exposed for “W” bumper stickers they have on the back of their gas guzzling Humvee’s they drive, and essentially ignored. I would like for something else to happen to them, but negative stuff is not the solution.

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