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Qualifier: I still like boxing over MMA. True, I’ve only seen video excerpts of MMA bouts and every time it was apparent the sport is a much more violent one than even a boxing match involving Mike Tyson.

With that said, I’ve heard the chatter about KIMBO SLICE since about 5 or six months ago and have been a little curious myself about how he would fare against a true MMA fighter. I’ve logged on youtube and seen the cheesy back yard fights and stuff so I even said compared to what I’ve seen in those video excerpts, this guy would get beat down by probably a mediocre MMA fighter; If they got him to the ground.


truly shows that not one punch landed on Slice. Not one! Not even the kick!

Video takes of Slice’s personal side certainly lead me to believe he is the type of guy that would take a pay off to dive. If it’s the right sum, what else does this 34 year old smoe have going for his future? Going back to being a security guard for a porn company?

THIS FIGHT WAS FIXED! Even the Shamrock sham was comical (getting headbutted before the fight therefore not being able to fight). THIS WAS LIKE WATCHING SARAH PALIN TV. FAKE!

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