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Even if things change by tomorrow, the verdict is in…the leaders of the Gary Indiana School system from top to bottom are inept.

Enough of th excuses. To not have the high school football coaches INTERVIEWED 3 weeks before the first games are played is unacceptable. Especially if the decision was made to actually interview basketball coaches before the football coaches. Plain and simple. This is a leadership issue. The haters are all out there (Crown Point, Hobart, Merriville, Valpo citizens alike) licking their chops. Your giving them the meat to feed there contempt of all things Gary with your lack of leadership on something that really should not be that difficult.

The real sad part about this is that it’s the kids that are being HURT by this more then anything else. If sports is an outlet, Gary’s youth need more of it, not less opportunity to participate in it. This is exactly what this has caused, a lessened opportunity for Gary youth to participate in something that will keep them out of streets! And lets face it, Gary high school football needs as much practice as it can get.

It’s bad enough this debacle has caused the loss of one of Gary’s prized coaches, John Boyd of West Side. It’ll be even worse when one of those potential West Side/Lew Wallace or Roosevelt students gets into some negative situations during times in which they’d normally be in practice.

Gary’s summers are normally rough incident wise.

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This post kicks off the 2008/2009 Gary Indiana Boys and Girls Basketball season. If you’ve found this post and you either live in Gary or are formerly from G.I., please leave a message on your feelings/thoughts on this upcoming basketball season, as well as those types of thoughts on past seasons.

I just find there is a lack of such a place on the net and decided to give this a shot. One thing you can count on; I myself will be posting a weekly statement on my thoughts from afar on the state of G.I. B-Ball.

Please, feel free to chime in with scores, hype, trash talk or just plain thoughts down memory lane…


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