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Hillary touring black churches to heal eroded black support makes me cringe. But not for reasons you may think.

Bamboozled attendees of the “black church” just might be foolish enough to accept any sort of apology tour HRC musters. A little payola to the minister behind the scene should facilitate this in most of the cases. I can see the you tube clips now. Hillary on the mike at some mega church talking about how sorry she is, the minister standing by her side, and Bill leading the choir.

Listen, how else do you explain how an alarming number of black voters VOTED FOR GEORGE W. BUSH this past election? The GOP put some money in the pockets of a bunch of “the Right Reverend Wright” type of preachers to push the “vote against gay marriage” referendum in the hallowed halls of quite a bit of “mega type” church’s like Rev. Wrights. AND IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM.



It didn’t hurt that most of these “black ministers” had already been on the payroll. Most of the ones you saw on TV in 2004 supporting Bush’s ban on gay marriage campaign pledge was receiving a little payola throughout Bush’s first term through the Bush Administrations “Faith Base Initiative” giveaway.

You know, the one that gives federal money (forget separation of church and state) to church’s that is supposed to combat drug addiction and homelessness. Go to the hood near you and see how these “black community leaders” have put a dent in either category. The only dent is in their bank account when their withdrawing moola to gas up that gulf stream jet or that big ignorant Hummer their wives are pushing.

If HRC can get enough of these, cough, “black community leaders” to buy into her scheme (remember, payola goes a long way with these guys and gals), these so called “leaders of the black community” will most certainly push the “forgiveness of Hillary and Bill Clinton” doctrine to their congregations.

And I’m sorry to say that most of the followers will comply.

Kinda brings to mind the scene in “Talk to Me” when the Petey Green character played by Don Cheadle introduces an elected local DC politician on his cable access show and says” Yall done elected someone who I wouldn’t even trust to let wash my car”. THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF MOST OF THE MEGA TYPE OF CHURCH MINISTERS! And some smaller ones too.

Call me pig headed. Call me hardcore. BUT, POLITICALLY, I AINT FORGIVING THE CLINTONS. Or any other buster who ever uses Willie Horton tactics to get ahead. BLACK OR WHITE.

Barack Obama is exactly the type of “leaders in the black community” we need in todays political theater. Acknowledging that anyone, including Obama, who wants to be identified as a black leader in it’s community has to “go through the black church chit ling circuit” , I long for the day that a type of leadership for blacks emerge that is less dependent on church politics and is REALLY more “community based and focused”.

That’s right. I don’t think black church politics is community based focused in most cases. The head of the snake is the issue. In this case, in my eyes, it’s the corrupt “preacher man” and his fellow corrupt deacons.

I AM NOT SAYING ALL BLACK MINISTERS FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY. I have come across a few in my travels who I felt were genuine and committed to not “gettin rich or die trying-lite”; but to saving as many souls as they could.

I don’t have a problem with any type of leader of any community living comfortably. But when you start building 10 million dollar houses (Rev. Wright) and owning your own jets (Creflo Dollar types) I gotta say that’s over the top.

Let’s see if Obama plays the game and partakes in the “Let’s forgive Hillary” crap.

O.K., let’s forgive her personally. But politically, HELL NALL.

Where’s Dave Chappelle when you need him?

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The article was titled, “OOPS, Hillary did it again”

Hillary Clinton has been called out again about a mis-truth/story she has spouted in campaign speeches recently. She got caught telling a made up story about a pregnant women who was supposedly denied medical treatment at an Ohio hospital and subsequently DIED some days later at a different hospital, seemingly due to deteriorating complications related to having being denied medical treatment days earlier at the other hospital.

Now she talks about Obama not having any substance, just speeches. No one has been able to corner him on mis-truths (they recently tried on the Chicago Univ/professor fact) mentioned in his speeches. Because they HAVE SUBSTANCE!

Hillary’s substance is made up. In the day and age of the internet, one can’t get away with what worked in the past. That is say things that are not true, know the media (who’s really in your camp) won’t call you out on it, and ride the lies to victory, having successfully fooled (see Dubya/Rove/Cheney) the general pubic into believing what you have said.

It has been blogs and the Youtube type of moments that have forced the current news media into challenging these lies. When Sinbad (the comedian who accompanied Clinton on her trip to Bosnia) was interviewed about the Clinton’s take on the Bosnia trip, he exposed her for the liar she is. The CBS News had to follow through with their footage they had on file about the event for fear of being on the back end of the issue.

Once again, if Hillary were black, she would have been forced out a long time ago due to her snafus. I think some people are OK with her staying in so they can really see if Barack can take it. I seriously don’t see that McCain is savvy enough to corner Obama on ANY issue.

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