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The stereotype of a pimp is a black guy in awful wizard type clothing with a cane. That may be true for the hood. But the world of pimpin surely is not just relegated to the “Hood”.

Jason Itzler gets taken down by Spitzer for running a hoe service. Spitzer gets taken down for hittin a hoe from a hoe service. A hoe that just so happens to have been one of Itzler’s hoes.

Now imagine Larry King doing an interview with Magic Don Juan, say, if Don Juan turned out to be Ashely Alexandra’s pimp. Wouldn’t happen.

The American media has this thing with prostitution. If it involves a black person (male/female, black male/white female) it’s a story with the tone of low life Americans, dragging down the country. Lock em all up.

When the story involves a white girl and a white pimp, it’s covered with celebrity zeal. The hoe (Alexander) is portrayed as a protected soul, though she’s really just a high priced skank. No different than a porn chick. You think Attorney General/Governor/Power Guy Spitzer paid $2000 an hour (three our minimum) to treat her as though she was his wife? (See Slick Ricks “Treat her like a prostitute”)

The pimp (Itzler), who proclaims that he’s king pimp of all pimps (The white Ice Berg Slim) is interviewed by Larry king and is asked, “How good was she as a hoe?” He basically said, she was my top notch hoe…………………


The 2009 motion picture version of Pretty Woman with a twist of Karma (Spitzer) is headed to a theater near you…………

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