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she surely would not be where SHE is right now. She is still a candidate for president despite such gaffs as:

  • the Bosnia sniper lie/misqoute/say anything to get elected/oh she was tired statement-speeches
  • her CHIEF campaign strategist being a supporter/lobbyist for a firm that represented the Columbia government (was fired today) in a free trade agreement proposal that is (now get this) opposed by Hillary
  • seeking a renewed effort to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates (because she is behind), after agreeing to them being not counted as punishment for them moving up their primary’s (before the elections started)

Imagine if Hillary were a black woman or a black man with these types of gaffs either at the beginning of the campaign or where the campaign is now. THE PRESS WOULD BE ALL OVER HER/HIM AND HE/SHE WOULD HAVE TO DROP OUT!

Thats fact!

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