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The movie was such a representative of what divides us (whites and blacks). . The entire time I watched the movie, I sat there wringing in disgust.

The ship just by chance settles over Johannesburg South Africa.

The international community decides that it’s perfectly OK to house aliens from another planet smack dab in the middle of a highly populated African Community.

Ask yourself this…if the damn ship decided to hover over New York City, would the decision to house the aliens inside NEW YORK CITY be made? Hell no. Those aliens would have been housed outside of the US let alone New York City.

The native Africans were made to look like savages. There was no distinquishing between their behavior and the aliens who lived in the tent city.

The director played the “Africans will eat you or aliens stereotype” card throughout the movie.

He inferred that African prostitutes (women) had sex with the aliens!

The lead rogue African leader within the tent city area was obsessed with eating the aliens and the hand of the white guy who was turning into an alien as an act of witch doctor type of medical care and to settle his hunger for power (pun intended)!

I’m serious.

The reason I like the GEICO Caveman commercials is because I have had their exact astonishment/look of being offended reaction to various racist actions exhibited by whites either towards me or my children in the school system. This movie caused the same reaction in me!

The crowd (overwhelmingly white) CHEERED the damn movie when it ended! I was pissed!

I will not watch another Peter Jackson produced movie!

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Someone commented, “is there a shortage of black actors in Hollywood?”. Ben Stiller’s new flick stars Downey in black face, basically. OK, that’s not right. the picture online certainly looks as though they hired the very best in make-up artistry because I gotta admit, he looks like a brotha.

BUT, ………………….. I don’t know how this is gonna go over. I don’t mind it actually. If it’s not demeaning at all to black men. We need to develop thicker skin on SOME issues. This seems like one of em. (But not topics involving the N word, nooses, drug dealer, police brutality, etc..)

****UPDATE*** 8/16/08

i CHANGE MY GODDAMN MIND. The way they marketed this movie, it doesn’t sit well with me. The fact that the use of “retard” word in the movie got/is getting more protest and commentary then the use of modern day black face in the movie is unsettling to me.


Don’t know wtf I was thinking in that earlier post…

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