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For displaying WHY I DON’T LIKE SPORTS WRITERS! Your column on Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech underscores how giving guys such as yourself, who’ve surely never competed in a sport (when you were a kid or adult, in an organized environments or just with neighborhood friends) such a pedestal (such as an opinionated sports writer) is a very bad idea.

I didn’t see the speech until this morning. I had seen and read Adrian Wojnarowski ‘s article on Jordan being a bully and how sad his speech was, and initially, I got scared that Jordan had tarnished his legacy with a galling speech. Then, the “regular brotha” in me kicked in. I regularly question a sports writer take on things. Especially when the issue is related to a black athlete and the writers a white guy who has no connection to the sport (does not have a history of playing the sport).

How do I know Adrian Wojnarowski does not have a connection to the sport of playing basketball (or ANY DAMN SPORT)? Just look at his article’s picture. Period. Enough said! He’s the Joe Buck, Bob Costas of yahoo sports writers. Guys whose opinions really have no damn merit, but so much power because some dumb ass owner hired them so that they could give the perspective of the geek/normal guy on sporting events.

Now I will prefis this rant with the admission that I am a Bulls fan. Thus, I am a great fan of Jordan the basketball player. Now Jordan the man…those who know me know I really don’t care much for THAT guy. But this (hall of fame speech) was not about Jordan the person. It was about Jordan the basketball player.

I’ll let my ADD kick in here and say that the same parallel could be made about people like Muhammad Ali, or Pete Rose, even Lance Armstrong among others.

When I watch sports, I ( I don’t know about you) identify with athletes who seem to have this fire in them. Not fake fire, or anger or cockiness. I’m talking about that fire. The type that is fueled by well meaning people who place obstacles in front of you and also jerks who place obstacles in front of you. This issue parallels my life. I have had many of these types of experiences. They (these types of people…especially the jerks!)  motivated me to overcome just about every obstacle that has ever been placed in front of me.

Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech was about the logs that was placed on top of the competitive fire that is still, to this day, inside of him. Period. I think if one looses perspective of this, and let their own shortcomings cloud their judgment, they are sure to come away with the perspective that Adrian Wojnarowski did.

I believe that people like Adrian Wojnarowski is more Jerry Krause then like athletes. This is the problem with sports writers like him, Bob Costas, Mike Greenburg and Joe Buck. They are the Dan Snyders of sports journalism. They have power to sway things that they have NO experience in.

See, I bek

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She is the second coming of George W. Bush when it comes to properly representing Republican Ideology.  Unlike someone like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin is an easy smack down. Just let her have a press conference and watch her make no sense at all, Ala George Bush AND Bobby Jindal.

When it comes to Republicans, gender is no issue in the area of ineptness. The men are as inept as the women.

Self destruction.

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I’ve tried it recently. I don’t like it. It’s like a gimmick blog. The 145 word limit reduces the experience to “blog sound biting”. Not my cup of tea. And the follower/following thing blows too. Essentially, it seems to be perfect for a celebrity. They can “tweet” there every thoughts and whereabouts to the loser fans that follow them.

However, it did seem to have a great purpose for the Iranian episode that went on last week. It’s definitely got a future for those types of situations. I’m sure the government of China will ban it. It takes less then 145 words for a Chinese citizen to tell the world that living in China Suuucks…

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Everyone knows that Fox News is the talking head of the GOP. It’s only fitting to highlight a report of Sarah Palin’s ineptitude that reinforces what I believe a majority of Americans came to believe prior to the November 4th election. That Sarah Palin was and is unqualified to be anywhere near the White House…

Republicans. You guys don’t get it. The most important factor of the election of Barack Obama  as President was the fact that WE NOW ALL KNOW THAT HE IS AN INTELLIGENT MAN.

Male or female, I believe the next President after Obama should at least meet this criterion. George Bush was and still is an idiot. John McCain could not hold press conferences without a teleprompter or looking down at his written speech throughout the event; and Sarah Palin, well let’s just say that we also know that George W. Bush does not read newspapers, magazines or books. How different can she be from ole Dupya? Not much at all.

Republicans, in the future it’s going to take more then good looks, the ability to put your fingertips together to portray an “executive” posture while speaking (see any video of Rudy Guliani, Sarah Palin or ole foot in her mouth Carly Fiorina) and references to statements that your regular folk just like everyone else, to convince the majority of “regular folk” to vote your butts back into leadership.

The cat’s out of the bag. Dupya, exposed you all for what you really are, self serving liars who don’t give a rats ass about the middle class. You only care about your membership in the upperclass and your fellow upperclass members issues.

Stop ascending stupid, stubborn, angry people to your leadership positions (see Sarah Palin, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Chaney and Tom Delay) and you might make some inroads in the future.

Ditto heads.

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Could not resist. It’s clear Republican ideology of “leave big businesses alone in the candy store and workers will prosper” has demonstrated that leaving big business alone in the candy store gets them fat with profits/bonuses while workers have to clean up their throw-up from eating too much candy.

Then they get laid off.

If Obama does not follow through with equipping federal agencies with the wherewithal to actually “enforce the regulations we already have in the books that effect essentially every key area of our economy”, then we should be alright.


If the Obama Administration bows to the special interest (e.g. lobbyist from the pharmaceutical, oil industry and their likes) then Democrats will have to suffer the wrath of the working American People!

I believe that once the lobbyist are told to back off and are shown that the White House is closed for business (of their sorts) , he’ll be able to affect REAL CHANGE that WE will begin to see by the end of his first term.

This means lights out for the GOP. No business of making deals with lobbyist as usual. And beware. There is another election coming in two years. Don’t want to risk losing more Senate seats. Now do you?

You better behave…

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“That One!”. That quote said it all. Far more so then McCain not even being cordial to Obama during the first debate. McCain is an extension of the disdain that Hillary Supporters have towards the fact that “a black guy” is winning. The Harriet Christian Democrats and certainly the VAST RIGHT WING of the country that has run this country into the ground the past 8 years is pissed!

I believe I’m seeing something similar to when Jim Crow behavior initially became politically incorrect. I wasn’t alive then, but you can just tell that McCain would have loved to have used something else rather than “That One” to describe Obama.

Like “Inadequate”. What about”Uppity”. You add the ending to each snipe. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS…

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as the exorcism of the Christian Conservatives grip on the US takes place right before your eyes. Yes, the revolution is being televised in this current stage of the presidential election. Just like a Southwest Airlines commercial, Sarah Palin’s head might as well spin around 360 degrees as she displays the devilish ways of the conservative right.

It should make for interesting media, watching an actual exorcism of supposedly god fearing public officials who have no problem lying to the U.S. right in their face.

Current media sources have made it possible via broadband internet and cable/satellite TV to make it difficult for the same people who brought us George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to scare the American public into voting another set of liars (John McCain and Sarah Palin) into the White House. But you know they’re going to give it their best shot (Sarah Palin shoots wolves, but actually uses a crackpot minister to deal with the Witches).

Good for the U.S. and good for the world. (It’s even good for you rich folks AND dumb McCain/Palin supporters)

This all at the same time allows the crackpot religious nuts to rear their heads and get their Linda Blair on via Fox News and their personal blogs.

Like this nut job:

The Last American President

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