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I told you this was where the action was going to be……………..Gary, Indiana School Board officials are arranging for students age 18 years old and older to be bused to the voting location in Crown Point, Indiana, the place where Hillary Clinton downed a shot of Crown Royal on a campaign stop last month in front of the media.

The Mayor of Hammond, Indiana chimes in that “When you corral kids together and ship them to polling places, it’s completely unethical”.

His city hosted Hillary Clinton on March 28, 2008 and is predominantly white.

Gary Indiana has a populous of around 100,000 and most of the citizens, about 90%, are black. This means that the majority of the kids being bused are black.

The Hammond mayor further chimes in, “These kids come from the worse performing schools in the state of Indiana and WE are giving them a day off to go vote for Obama. They can vote on election day like everybody else.”

The Gary School Board trustee chimed in and said, “This is a very adequate and educational field trip to go see the voting process and have time to actually vote. It is a learning process for government economics, which is a mandatory requirement to graduate.”

Washington said Gary Lew Wallace High School students have been bused to Crown Point to vote for three years now. “The entire board thought this was a great idea. We told (Dr. Mary Steele-Agee) to make sure all the high school seniors are able to go out and vote.

“Elections Board Director Sally LaSota and Lake County Elections Supervisor Michelle Fajman said Gary school officials notified them last week all high school students registered to vote would be bused to Crown Point this week.

LaSota said they wouldn’t turn away potential voters of any age. Fajman said, “Students don’t have time before school opens on election day to vote and they have extracurricular activities at the school. I think it’s a good idea.””

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Sounds like sour grapes to me. What about you?

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How does this hullaba about Obama using the word “bitter” to (accurately) explain why people in small towns distrust the government and displays such distrust by favoring gun rights and religion, give Hillary an opening to gain on Obama?

Because the PRESS says so. They are pubbing this because it is Obama’s week to get negative press. You guys don’t see it. Last week was Hillary’s Bosnia lies and the Penn/Columbia Free Trade fiasco, so this week the press allowed Hillary’s claim that Obama was/is an elitist to make headlines.

This of course does not do justice to the fact that the more worthy news story this week was the reporting that Bill Clinton was paid $800,000 by a free trade group who supports the free trade deal with the Columbian government, back in 2005. What a whooper.

This speaks directly to what Obama was saying about people in those small towns being bitter as a result of the performance of the Bush Administration and also that of Clintons (because of NAFTA and the ACTUAL job losses in small town USA it caused ).

The press is surely charging premium rates to it’s advertisers because they know the advertisers know the press is playing the USA’s viewership like a puppet. I understand that a Hillary supporter would chalk this next comment up to me being an avid Obama supporter, but to be honest, Hillary shouldn’t even be in the race anymore.

If the press wasn’t interested in making money and instead more interested and focused on being a responsible entity (like they used to be before the FCC was watered down to allow the stock market to control the media), they would have seized on Hillary’s Bosnia/Mark Penn/Bill Clinton/Columbian trade deal that Hillary is “so called” against debacle, with the same fervor it did on the Obama/Rev Wright relationship. She would have had to drop out due to embarrassment at least last week, or the end of this week. Gary Hart style.

Instead, they dare insinuate that Obama’s “bitter” remark was worthy of more media scrutiny than this weeks latest Hillary snafu (Bill Clinton’s $800,000 revelation and her just laughing it off) following up last weeks Penns revelation/so called resignation snafu.

The great thing is, the internet has allowed the overall US population to become a little less gullible to this game as it was during Dubya’s two campaigns.

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