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The first thing that comes to mind is, John Edwards and Barack Obama did not campaign in Florida because it was understood that the delegates would not be counted.

How can a mail-in primary duplicate what the true turn out would have been had Florida and Michigan not moved up their primaries?

It’s clear that only so many people will bother to mail in a ballot. Just like so many people pass on mail-in-rebates, though they know it’s real money they are passing up.

And of course, there’s always the issue of mail fraud. You know, votes for either candidate being tossed. You know people aren’t going to send the ballots via certified mail. There’s virtually no way possible to safeguard against this.
They did not follow the rules, the candidates agreed to this prior to 1/08. Now Hillary, because she’s on the verge of losing, wants to press that the skewed numbers from those two elections should be counted. In her favor of course.

You don’t see that as an integrity issue with Clinton. I do.

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