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Palin a quitter; A quitter + Palin… Either way its said, backwards or forwards…She’s a quitter.

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And that’s without tax breaks for the rich. Investors made money. The middle class prospered. THERE WAS EVEN WELFARE REFORM!

Republican rule has brought economic disaster to the middle class and the rich (other then the Oil Companies/investors) has even lost money due to an actual drop in the Dow Jones average to close to 9200 points today.  When Clinton left office January 2001, the Dow average was 10587.

They simply do not know what they are doing when it comes to leadership. However, they are great complainers about the supposed incompetence of Democrats whenever they are power. No doubt they will become even better ones during an Obama Administration.

Never mind what just transpired the past 8 years.

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“That One!”. That quote said it all. Far more so then McCain not even being cordial to Obama during the first debate. McCain is an extension of the disdain that Hillary Supporters have towards the fact that “a black guy” is winning. The Harriet Christian Democrats and certainly the VAST RIGHT WING of the country that has run this country into the ground the past 8 years is pissed!

I believe I’m seeing something similar to when Jim Crow behavior initially became politically incorrect. I wasn’t alive then, but you can just tell that McCain would have loved to have used something else rather than “That One” to describe Obama.

Like “Inadequate”. What about”Uppity”. You add the ending to each snipe. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS…

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We are getting screwed! The Oil industries are reveling in the Palin/wall street debacle, reaping billions on profits at the pump. How come no one is talking about this? The free market at it’s best i guess. let it run free, get out the way and let the market decide what’s the best price for oil.

Demand? Well O.K., it’s fallen because the U.S. is in crisis mode financially. But a 15 cent drop in the average price of a gallon of gas is not a 40% drop.

US gasoline under $3.50 for first time in 6 months

If these bastards can raise the price 40% because of a Hurricane, they can lower it commensurate to the drop in the cost of a barrel of oil. But they won’t. Why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO REGULATION THAT SAYS THAT HAVE TO DROP THE PRICE.

Remember, these are Dupya’s and John McCains’ boys were talking about. They don’t play that regulation crap.

When will this country wake up! If Sarah Palin has said “I’ve taken on big oil”, then why haven’t you made this (current gas prices) an issue during your campaign speeches? BECAUSE THEY WERE WRITTEN FOR YOU BY PEOPLE WHO ARE PAID FOR BY BIG OIL!

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as the exorcism of the Christian Conservatives grip on the US takes place right before your eyes. Yes, the revolution is being televised in this current stage of the presidential election. Just like a Southwest Airlines commercial, Sarah Palin’s head might as well spin around 360 degrees as she displays the devilish ways of the conservative right.

It should make for interesting media, watching an actual exorcism of supposedly god fearing public officials who have no problem lying to the U.S. right in their face.

Current media sources have made it possible via broadband internet and cable/satellite TV to make it difficult for the same people who brought us George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to scare the American public into voting another set of liars (John McCain and Sarah Palin) into the White House. But you know they’re going to give it their best shot (Sarah Palin shoots wolves, but actually uses a crackpot minister to deal with the Witches).

Good for the U.S. and good for the world. (It’s even good for you rich folks AND dumb McCain/Palin supporters)

This all at the same time allows the crackpot religious nuts to rear their heads and get their Linda Blair on via Fox News and their personal blogs.

Like this nut job:

The Last American President

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Republicans, Republicans, Republican’s. Lend me your ear. If only you weren’t so greedy and incompetent in your reign the past 8 years, maybe just maybe, your “Willie Horton in White Face” (Bill Ayers) campaign might get some traction.

But alas, your incompetence is inescapable. Sure you’ve got your fellow rich Lynn Forester types still on your side. But the rich voting block is pretty smallish. AND YOU’VE LOST YOUR GRIP ON THE VOTING MIDDLE CLASS WHITE VOTER AND ALSO THE TRAILER PARK TYPES. How?

By not looking out for them. That’s how. When you’ve signed law after law that gave tax breaks to companies that took their jobs to India and China, you lost them. Though they don’t like the idea of a black guy in office, they can’t get the taste of your having ruined their lives out of their mouths.

Maybe next time, if there is one, you won’t be so greedy and at least look out for YOUR little guy a little bit more. THEN MAYBE YOUR “WILLIE HORTON TACTICS WOULD WORK”. The problem with this is that these very voters are going to prosper under a Democrat led majority in the House, Senate and White House. BECAUSE IF YOUR A REPUBLICAN UP FOR RE-ELECTION THIS NOVEMBER, “FO GET ABOUT IT”!

Stick a FoRk in ya. Your through. Then again, you’ve still got a lot of money, so you can HOPE that the Obama Administration is not up to the task of all of the tricks, road blocks, and maniacle efforts your party is going to throw at them to prevent success, AND CONTINUE TO BANKRUPT THIS COUNTRY!

After all, you’ve still got Fox News and other Rupert Murdoch owned media, not to mention the McClatchy owned entities and Charles Gibson on your side to peddle your vile, toxic ideology.

I’m still baffled at how you fools are warning people about an Obama Presidency.

Did you not just suffer HISTORIC serious financial losses on your portfolios due to your own parties FAILED ideology of less government. DID YOU NOT JUST SEE HOW NEOCON IDEOLOGY HAS FAILED IN IT’S PUREST FORM OF ACTION THE PAST 8 YEARS? I guess not.

You talk intelligently and most of you’ve got the pedigree of the a-typical smart white guy.

BUT DAMN ARE YOU GUYS SOME STUPID FOOLS. The truth always come out at the end and you fools have shown your incompetence and that your lineage is the only thing that has provided you the wealth that you have LEFT. NOT HARD WORK. NOT THE HIGH REVVED MOTOR YOUR ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT. It has been your privileged paths that have lead to your George W. Bush type of results at this point in your lives.

I’ll be here to let you know more about your ways in the future. In the mean time, it’s a pleasure seeing you unpatriotic worms get what you deserve. A SPOTLIGHT HAS BEEN FOCUSED ON YOUR INCOMPETENCE!


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Does anyone even mention the “Contract With America” anymore? Trust me, if the shoe was on the other foot, todays media would be all over the Democrats asking, ” Just how has that contract turned out?

The mantra of Republican ideology since the days of Reagan has been “less government, more prosperity”. Twenty years ago through ONE month ago, you could not have had a conversation with a Republican about the economy without them saying “there’s too much government regulation/involvement in our lives. If government gets out the way, businesses can do what they need to do to keep the economy growing.”

For the past two years, the Democrats have had a slim majority in Congress. They can’t even pass anything strong enough to override a Presidential veto. Prior to this time frame, the first six years of Dupya’s Presidency was controlled by Republicans who had a decided majority in Congress. They passed bills that were shaped by their ideology of “less government, more prosperity” at their leisure. The only tool Democrats had  against the Republican majority during that time was the use of the filibuster. To take this even further, Congress was also controlled by Republican’s during the entire 8 years of the Clinton Administration.

Today, Republicans (though the minority in Congress) don’t even have to use a filibuster on Capitol Hill. They don’t need it. They have enough votes at anytime to vote down anything the Democrats bring up. They have passed legislation that has given tax breaks that along with the war in Iraq, has driven the budget deficit to record proportions. The Bush Administration has put political appointees in every administrative position in all government agencies that work to prevent the proper functioning of these agencies. The following has been examples of the Bush Administrations efforts to deregulate the federal government without getting congress to pass any laws:

When Advocates Become Regulators President Bush has installed more than 100 top officials who were once lobbyists, attorneys or spokespeople for the industries they oversee.

Bush appointees censor scientists at government agencies

Bush Administration Political Appointee Reverses Endangered Species Protections for Nation\’s Wildlife

Bush administration under a cloud

Appointees Guarding The Henhouse

A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA

The mantra of less government regulation has been the drum that has been beat on by Republicans since Reagan. THIS WAS THEIR CONTRACT WITH AMERICA! Now they are saying that more regulation is needed and that it is just as much the Democrats fault as it is theirs that the country is nearing a “Great Depression”; but we’re not in a recession. WTF?

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