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For displaying WHY I DON’T LIKE SPORTS WRITERS! Your column on Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech underscores how giving guys such as yourself, who’ve surely never competed in a sport (when you were a kid or adult, in an organized environments or just with neighborhood friends) such a pedestal (such as an opinionated sports writer) is a very bad idea.

I didn’t see the speech until this morning. I had seen and read Adrian Wojnarowski ‘s article on Jordan being a bully and how sad his speech was, and initially, I got scared that Jordan had tarnished his legacy with a galling speech. Then, the “regular brotha” in me kicked in. I regularly question a sports writer take on things. Especially when the issue is related to a black athlete and the writers a white guy who has no connection to the sport (does not have a history of playing the sport).

How do I know Adrian Wojnarowski does not have a connection to the sport of playing basketball (or ANY DAMN SPORT)? Just look at his article’s picture. Period. Enough said! He’s the Joe Buck, Bob Costas of yahoo sports writers. Guys whose opinions really have no damn merit, but so much power because some dumb ass owner hired them so that they could give the perspective of the geek/normal guy on sporting events.

Now I will prefis this rant with the admission that I am a Bulls fan. Thus, I am a great fan of Jordan the basketball player. Now Jordan the man…those who know me know I really don’t care much for THAT guy. But this (hall of fame speech) was not about Jordan the person. It was about Jordan the basketball player.

I’ll let my ADD kick in here and say that the same parallel could be made about people like Muhammad Ali, or Pete Rose, even Lance Armstrong among others.

When I watch sports, I ( I don’t know about you) identify with athletes who seem to have this fire in them. Not fake fire, or anger or cockiness. I’m talking about that fire. The type that is fueled by well meaning people who place obstacles in front of you and also jerks who place obstacles in front of you. This issue parallels my life. I have had many of these types of experiences. They (these types of people…especially the jerks!)  motivated me to overcome just about every obstacle that has ever been placed in front of me.

Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech was about the logs that was placed on top of the competitive fire that is still, to this day, inside of him. Period. I think if one looses perspective of this, and let their own shortcomings cloud their judgment, they are sure to come away with the perspective that Adrian Wojnarowski did.

I believe that people like Adrian Wojnarowski is more Jerry Krause then like athletes. This is the problem with sports writers like him, Bob Costas, Mike Greenburg and Joe Buck. They are the Dan Snyders of sports journalism. They have power to sway things that they have NO experience in.

See, I bek

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IF Carano beats Chris Cyborg Santos, it’s a fix! Cyborg should KILL Santos. Looking at videos of their previous fights, Santos doesn’t even need to be in the ring with Cyborg. Cyborg is an aggressive, skilled battle machine.

Carano fights lesser opponents that make her look better then what she is.

If it gets on the ground, It’s going to get real ugly for Carano real fast! Her only hope is to catch Cyborg with a lucky punch.

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Qualifier: I still like boxing over MMA. True, I’ve only seen video excerpts of MMA bouts and every time it was apparent the sport is a much more violent one than even a boxing match involving Mike Tyson.

With that said, I’ve heard the chatter about KIMBO SLICE since about 5 or six months ago and have been a little curious myself about how he would fare against a true MMA fighter. I’ve logged on youtube and seen the cheesy back yard fights and stuff so I even said compared to what I’ve seen in those video excerpts, this guy would get beat down by probably a mediocre MMA fighter; If they got him to the ground.


truly shows that not one punch landed on Slice. Not one! Not even the kick!

Video takes of Slice’s personal side certainly lead me to believe he is the type of guy that would take a pay off to dive. If it’s the right sum, what else does this 34 year old smoe have going for his future? Going back to being a security guard for a porn company?

THIS FIGHT WAS FIXED! Even the Shamrock sham was comical (getting headbutted before the fight therefore not being able to fight). THIS WAS LIKE WATCHING SARAH PALIN TV. FAKE!

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Maybe there should be a seperate “Hall of Shame” for hall of fame caliber ex-athletes who are revealed, years later, to have been pedophiles when they were playing the sport they “worked hard” in.

Karl Malone had a child with a girl who was 13 years old when she had birth! That means she was 12 years old when they “had relations”. This is disgusting!

I pray there are no statute of limitations on his crime or Roger Clemens. I also believe these types of findings, if true, should prevent ANYONE from achieving any type of special award. NO MATTER HOW GREAT THEY WERE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE SPORT!

Let his ass deliver mail to his fellow criminals in a maximum state prison.

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The “hard worker” turns out to be a cheat AND a pedophile. Gotta be a Republican! I’m sure those Republican members of Congress still believes that his testimony was “credible”, even after this.

Like minds think alike.

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The white working class “hard worker” has turned out to be a cheat AND a pedophile.

“I cannot refute anything in the story,” a tearful but resolute McCready told the Daily News, which broke the story at midnight Sunday.

In its story Monday night, sources told the News that McCready went with Clemens to his hotel room in Fort Myers, Fla., after their first meeting but that they did not have sex. The relationship turned intimate after she later moved to Nashville and became a country star, the paper said.

In a statement Monday, Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin confirmed McCready was a longtime friend of Clemens and his family, but said the relationship was not sexual.

“At no time did Roger engage in any kind of inappropriate or improper relationship with her,” he said. But sources with knowledge of the relationship between the singer and Clemens say McCready has never met Roger’s wife, Debbie Clemens.



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