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How does this hullaba about Obama using the word “bitter” to (accurately) explain why people in small towns distrust the government and displays such distrust by favoring gun rights and religion, give Hillary an opening to gain on Obama?

Because the PRESS says so. They are pubbing this because it is Obama’s week to get negative press. You guys don’t see it. Last week was Hillary’s Bosnia lies and the Penn/Columbia Free Trade fiasco, so this week the press allowed Hillary’s claim that Obama was/is an elitist to make headlines.

This of course does not do justice to the fact that the more worthy news story this week was the reporting that Bill Clinton was paid $800,000 by a free trade group who supports the free trade deal with the Columbian government, back in 2005. What a whooper.

This speaks directly to what Obama was saying about people in those small towns being bitter as a result of the performance of the Bush Administration and also that of Clintons (because of NAFTA and the ACTUAL job losses in small town USA it caused ).

The press is surely charging premium rates to it’s advertisers because they know the advertisers know the press is playing the USA’s viewership like a puppet. I understand that a Hillary supporter would chalk this next comment up to me being an avid Obama supporter, but to be honest, Hillary shouldn’t even be in the race anymore.

If the press wasn’t interested in making money and instead more interested and focused on being a responsible entity (like they used to be before the FCC was watered down to allow the stock market to control the media), they would have seized on Hillary’s Bosnia/Mark Penn/Bill Clinton/Columbian trade deal that Hillary is “so called” against debacle, with the same fervor it did on the Obama/Rev Wright relationship. She would have had to drop out due to embarrassment at least last week, or the end of this week. Gary Hart style.

Instead, they dare insinuate that Obama’s “bitter” remark was worthy of more media scrutiny than this weeks latest Hillary snafu (Bill Clinton’s $800,000 revelation and her just laughing it off) following up last weeks Penns revelation/so called resignation snafu.

The great thing is, the internet has allowed the overall US population to become a little less gullible to this game as it was during Dubya’s two campaigns.

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The one thing one cannot run from if you have a sizable amount of melanin in your skin is the fact that you will be viewed as a “Black American” by the majority in this country until it’s otherwise proven different.

I have a friend from Belize who told me that he’s viewed as such all the time. It’s not until he opens his mouth and his accent is heard that his white co-workers or the sandwich order taker at McDonalds takes notice.

You see, he (as I joked when I first met him) looks like any other “brotha” from 125th and Crenshaw in a city near you. He’s as brown as my avatar, yet he is by birth rite from Belize and therefore Hispanic. Born and raised. In passing, no matter how hard he would try (which I believe he doesn’t), the US majority will not allow him to be viewed any other way but as a black man.

Tiger Woods can’t escape it. Nor can Barack Obama.

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she surely would not be where SHE is right now. She is still a candidate for president despite such gaffs as:

  • the Bosnia sniper lie/misqoute/say anything to get elected/oh she was tired statement-speeches
  • her CHIEF campaign strategist being a supporter/lobbyist for a firm that represented the Columbia government (was fired today) in a free trade agreement proposal that is (now get this) opposed by Hillary
  • seeking a renewed effort to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates (because she is behind), after agreeing to them being not counted as punishment for them moving up their primary’s (before the elections started)

Imagine if Hillary were a black woman or a black man with these types of gaffs either at the beginning of the campaign or where the campaign is now. THE PRESS WOULD BE ALL OVER HER/HIM AND HE/SHE WOULD HAVE TO DROP OUT!

Thats fact!

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See for yourself how Fox News has been a conservative media outletĀ  that asserts itself as an attack dog for the GOP…

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Seeing what happened to Bear Stearns, and how the Federal Reserve stepped in to give them cash, I believe Republicans in charge of cabinets such as The Department of Treasury are scrambling to prevent what is eventually going to come to fruition. Their views/policies/skills on how to run/manage things are poor. Their time as the majority party in congress was/is a failure of enormous, embarrassingly proportions.

From corporate scandals (see Enron through Bear Stearns and CEO pay), the war in Iraq (See federal contract fraud) to Hurricane Katrina, the display of their ineptness is tremendous. The most aluring thing about this turn of events is there are no scapegoats they can blame on their performance.

Can’t blame it on welfare moms.

Can’t blame it on affirmative action

Can’t blame it on Democrat’s (though they’ll somehow try- see Newt Gingrich/Karl Rove/Bill Kristol comments in about a year or so)

Can’t blame it on the moral decay of the society

Can’t blame it on abortion supporters

Can’t blame it on middle class tax cuts

Can’t blame it on Democrat spending that causes a deficit (The Republicans have been the kings of spend)

Can’t blame it on excessive punitive damage lawsuits

Can’t blame it on black men

Can’t blame it on the boogie (I had to say that:))

And they certainly aren’t going to own up to the fact that while some of them are smart people, their deviousness/greed/flawed white supremist ideology is just plain wrong!

And their deviousness/greed/flawed white supremist ideology and actions have placed this country, MY COUNTRY, in a state of peril. the dollar is going the way of the peso. Corporations are now seeing that sending jobs overseas leaves no one in America to buy the Chevrolets and the GE appliances. People in the developing countries are not going to buy a GE flat screen TV or a Chevy Impala. They buy Toyota’s, Hondas, Mercedez, and Bmw’s .

Jim Bob in rural NC or Hunter in Denver, Co. were the only ones buying Humvee’s and Chevy’s and they can’t now because they either had to take a pay cut or were laid off. Jim Bob was a construction supervisor only to be replaced by Perdro, the underling who speaks enough English to understand the construction superintendent and also speaks Spanish, so he can also communicate with the illegal employee’s who the owner has hired as laborers.


This gives them the potential ability to blame the next administrations first year policies on the economic collapse of the US and the IRAQ collapse.

Wrong, most of the time, loses. I don’t care how articulate one is and how good at spin they are, right is right and wrong is wrong. Ones true colors always comes out in the end.

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Someone commented, “is there a shortage of black actors in Hollywood?”. Ben Stiller’s new flick stars Downey in black face, basically. OK, that’s not right. the picture online certainly looks as though they hired the very best in make-up artistry because I gotta admit, he looks like a brotha.

BUT, ………………….. I don’t know how this is gonna go over. I don’t mind it actually. If it’s not demeaning at all to black men. We need to develop thicker skin on SOME issues. This seems like one of em. (But not topics involving the N word, nooses, drug dealer, police brutality, etc..)

****UPDATE*** 8/16/08

i CHANGE MY GODDAMN MIND. The way they marketed this movie, it doesn’t sit well with me. The fact that the use of “retard” word in the movie got/is getting more protest and commentary then the use of modern day black face in the movie is unsettling to me.


Don’t know wtf I was thinking in that earlier post…

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Yet again, another example of the superior values conservatives exude.

The GOP had one person in charge of their treasury with no oversight mechanisms in place. This allowed that one person, Chris Ward, to bilk the GOP treasury of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 5 year period. Par for the course.

When a conservative such as Ron Paul states that less government is what’s needed, what he and other GREEDY fake conservatives really want is to be able to bilk the US Treasury of trillions of dollars without any oversight.

Oh wait, that’s been happening for the past 7 years with the Bush Administration! (See google for a myriad of articles on no bid government contracts that has filled the coffers of Dubya/Cheney’s palls with little or no performance)

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