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What the people/voters feel is negative. The exit polls, you now, answers of particular questions from people who voted (since your asking for definitions) tell the story that more voters think the Clinton campaign, that means her and yes you, her staffers, are running a negative campaign.

You want examples? No before I post them, why is that you Clinton staffers/supporters think you can get away with asking such a question like “define negative” in the internet age we’re in? It’s so easy to slap you into reality.

Here are just a few of the examples:

  • the Clinton campaign has pulled a radio ad that quoted the Illinois senator calling Republicans “the party of ideas” and suggesting he thought those ideas superior to Democratic ones.
  • she mocked Obama and his message of hope and change in a very theatrical, over-the-top manner.
  • Clinton Campaign Disguises Negative Flier About Obama’s Health Plan As Product of Edwards Campaign
  • The 3am ad
  • The Clinton campaign is using robocalls to tell Pennsylvanians Obama is not the candidate for them.
  • Congressman Delahunt to address the Negative Clinton Campaign Mailer in Mass
  • accusing the junior senator of being both inexperienced and a talker, not a doer
  • Senator Clinton has suggested that Obabma is all about the “rhetoric,” not substance, saying “You can choose speeches or solutions.”
  • former President Bill Clinton implying that Obama was “not a patriot”


I haven’t even mentioned the Billy Boys comment about Obama’s SC win and Jesse Jackson, or Geraldine Ferraro’s Obama being privileged to be a black candidate comment (she was a member of the Clinton campaign at the time).

How bout this:

Does this help explain why THE PEOPLE think Hillary Clinton is running a negative campaign?

How bout this then:

An excerpt from scummy Dick Morris in an article written November 27, 2007, explaining “How Hillary will go negative”

November 27, 2007 — AS her once-formidable lead in national polls dwindles and Barack Obama moves ahead of her in the all-important Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton will likely intensify her negative campaign against her rivals.

The Clintons’ political MO has always had a good dose of negative campaigning, especially when the going gets rough. There’s no reason to assume that they will alter their game plan now.

I remember Bill’s race for re-election as Arkansas governor back in 1990, when he found himself falling behind Hal McCrae, his unknown Democratic primary opponent. After Clinton’s 10 years as governor, McCrae’s attacks – featuring Daliesque stretched-out clocks tolling the time for him to go – were hitting home. Hillary decided to attend McCrae’s next press conference and engage him in a public, impromptu debate about his attacks on her husband. She gave as good as she got – and her foray marked the start of a four-week campaign of negative ads that brought McCrae down.

The Clintons used negative ads and attacks in each gubernatorial campaign – and, of course, in Bill’s two races for president.-

I can keep going if you’d like…………………..


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“Clinton asks whoever is with him, “I don’t think I should take any s..t from anybody on that, do you?” Bill Clinton, you’ve been exposed for the a-hole you really are. You managed to JEDI MIND TRICK people into thinking you were “down” with them by playing the sax and displaying your chameleon like abilities in ‘championing black causes” while at the same time screwing (something you know a lot about) them by either signing legislation that was anti-black (welfare so called reform) or allowing laws that are clearly anti-black (Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act) to go unchallenged during your administration.

Now you’ve got the gall to act as though your appalled by ANYONE questioning whether YOU were using the race card when you linked Obama’s SC victory with Jesse Jackson’s in the past. You state that “I even put my presidential office (or whatever it is) in Harlem.

It’s in the re gentrified part of Harlem you fool. Don’t try and act like it’s across the street from Puffy’s restaurant or something. I hope the Boondocks makes an episode just for your trick a__ just like they did for Bob Johnson’s ole trick a__.

I’m pissed at the games Billary are playing. I expected this wholeheartedly from the Republicans. I have to say, I didn’t quite think about the racist wing of the Democrat party and how they’d go about and express their views or thoughts of a black president.

Screw the Democrat Party , the Republican Party, and to hell with a Libertarian. I’m with Michael Moore on this one. I support the revolutionary meaning of an Obama Presidency more so then Obama the candidate. This system needs to get a total re-haul.

From our products being pieces of crap to the revelations that our democracy can be bought (see both Dubya victories) leaves me pissed. THIS IS DURING MY WATCH!


If John Edwards was in the race instead of Obama, he’d get my vote. I’m sure Hillary would have displayed some of the same traits (her lying as_) in an effort to win at all costs against him. That surely would have given Edwards my support.

And just to think about the fact that I was actually considering voting for her (for I too thought having Bill back in the White House was not that bad of an idea for rebuilding America’s image abroad). I have now only come to see what the “pot calling the kettle black” Republican’s were saying all along.

That this guy is fake! HE MAKE’S ME WANT TO GIVE HIM THE FINGER!

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Bob Johnson, Maya Angelou, Maxine Waters. These are just a few stars of the 2008 remake of Uncle Tom’s Cabin retitled, Aunt Hillary’s Cabin.

Listen, one might take the position that the title of this post is mean spirited and suggests that I am a supporter of Obama because he’s black and the Bob Johnsons and Maya Angelo’s should be supporting him because he’s black and, well, their black.

If you read this post, maybe you’ll learn something about the black mind set that is shared by quite a few of the black middle class.

You see, I believe it is appalling for those individuals to be avid supporters for someone who has clearly played the race card against her black opponent time and time again. Hillary has done so with this youtube clip that, I believe advances a racial stereotype (Aunt Jemima) as well as the following:

  • Her campaigns involvement of putting out the Obama in Somalian Garb photo
  • Bill Clinton’s comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson in winning South Carolina
  • Hillary’s statement that it took a white president to bring about real civil rights change, not Martin Luther Kings actions
  • Bill Clinton’s mockery of Obama’s candidacy as being a ‘fairy tale” on issues involving Iraq
  • Hillary refusing to denounce or reject Geraldine Ferraro’s comments of Obama’s campaign
  • Hillary not rebuking Bob Johnson’s mentioning of Obama’s admitted cocaine use in introducing her to a crowd of people
  • many many others………..

How can Maya Angelo end a campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton in Winston Salem, NC with the quote, “If you help her rise, we will all rise together,”? I mean her respect and star quality could potentially have CITIZENS black/white/hispanic/asian/other actually consider supporting Billary because they have some compassion for the less fortunate.

Under Bill Clinton, 225,000 more inmates were incarcerated in his 8 year presidency than were under the REAGAN administration. In total, between 1980 and 1999, the incarceration rate for African American males more than tripled from 1156 per 100,000, to 3,620 per 100,000. ” This was taken from an article written about Bill Clinton’s adoption or, as the article states, ‘stole the get tough on crime show” legacy.

The Billary (I call her candidacy Billary because this is what we’d really get if she won) presidency from 93 to 2000 supported and signed laws such as “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994”. The incarceration rate of African American males continued to increase under the Clinton Administration, primarily due to this Act. Why is this important you ask?

The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 provided money to local and state governments to add 100,000 police to the streets and billions of money to help build———PRISONS.

What did Hillary just propose this April 2008 in a speech to Pa. supporters? To hire 100,000 police officers.

Now I know some of you are thinking, If they do the crime, they should do the time, right? (Cue the Starksy and Hutch theme song)

Well, the problem was that crimes the majority of the black males were incarcerated for during the Clinton Administration were for crack cocaine related convictions, a crime who’s penalties were certainly designed to disproportionately raise the incarceration rate of black males when it was signed into law during the Reagan Administration.

The Clinton presidency did nothing to try repeal or alter this law that unfairly incarcerated black males at a rate higher then the any other demographic. Instead, he used it to his advantage in showing he too could be tough on those thug black males.

To show you how savvy the Clintons are, they knew someone like me was privy to the statistics that show Bill Clinton’s performance in allowing Black males to rise alright, in the prison ranks that is.

So Hillary adds to her campaign speech stating that she’d add 100,000 police to the streets, that she’d also “eliminate the federal mandatory five year sentence for crack cocaine users”.

I guess we should be like Maya in this picture,Maya Angelo campaigning for Hillary Clinton with Bob Johnson on the banjo and Maxine Waters in the back ground

Starring Maya Angelo, Bob Johnson and Maxine Waters

Well, Hillary, the damage has already been done.

Maya, I understand you are a feminist. You have seen so many black women suffer from abuse and low self esteem as a result of their experience with African American men. I’m sure your even knowledgeable of the statistics I’ve mentioned in this post that shows just a GLIMMER of the black male experience in the U.S and offers some insight as to why they are so dysfunctional when it comes to relationships with women in general.

But how can you actually believe that a Hillary presidency will benefit the African American community? I think you’ve been smokin what Bob Johnson and Maxine Waters has been smokin.

That Billary Weed. You remember, the type that Bill Clinton said he didn’t inhale…………….

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How does this hullaba about Obama using the word “bitter” to (accurately) explain why people in small towns distrust the government and displays such distrust by favoring gun rights and religion, give Hillary an opening to gain on Obama?

Because the PRESS says so. They are pubbing this because it is Obama’s week to get negative press. You guys don’t see it. Last week was Hillary’s Bosnia lies and the Penn/Columbia Free Trade fiasco, so this week the press allowed Hillary’s claim that Obama was/is an elitist to make headlines.

This of course does not do justice to the fact that the more worthy news story this week was the reporting that Bill Clinton was paid $800,000 by a free trade group who supports the free trade deal with the Columbian government, back in 2005. What a whooper.

This speaks directly to what Obama was saying about people in those small towns being bitter as a result of the performance of the Bush Administration and also that of Clintons (because of NAFTA and the ACTUAL job losses in small town USA it caused ).

The press is surely charging premium rates to it’s advertisers because they know the advertisers know the press is playing the USA’s viewership like a puppet. I understand that a Hillary supporter would chalk this next comment up to me being an avid Obama supporter, but to be honest, Hillary shouldn’t even be in the race anymore.

If the press wasn’t interested in making money and instead more interested and focused on being a responsible entity (like they used to be before the FCC was watered down to allow the stock market to control the media), they would have seized on Hillary’s Bosnia/Mark Penn/Bill Clinton/Columbian trade deal that Hillary is “so called” against debacle, with the same fervor it did on the Obama/Rev Wright relationship. She would have had to drop out due to embarrassment at least last week, or the end of this week. Gary Hart style.

Instead, they dare insinuate that Obama’s “bitter” remark was worthy of more media scrutiny than this weeks latest Hillary snafu (Bill Clinton’s $800,000 revelation and her just laughing it off) following up last weeks Penns revelation/so called resignation snafu.

The great thing is, the internet has allowed the overall US population to become a little less gullible to this game as it was during Dubya’s two campaigns.

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The one thing one cannot run from if you have a sizable amount of melanin in your skin is the fact that you will be viewed as a “Black American” by the majority in this country until it’s otherwise proven different.

I have a friend from Belize who told me that he’s viewed as such all the time. It’s not until he opens his mouth and his accent is heard that his white co-workers or the sandwich order taker at McDonalds takes notice.

You see, he (as I joked when I first met him) looks like any other “brotha” from 125th and Crenshaw in a city near you. He’s as brown as my avatar, yet he is by birth rite from Belize and therefore Hispanic. Born and raised. In passing, no matter how hard he would try (which I believe he doesn’t), the US majority will not allow him to be viewed any other way but as a black man.

Tiger Woods can’t escape it. Nor can Barack Obama.

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she surely would not be where SHE is right now. She is still a candidate for president despite such gaffs as:

  • the Bosnia sniper lie/misqoute/say anything to get elected/oh she was tired statement-speeches
  • her CHIEF campaign strategist being a supporter/lobbyist for a firm that represented the Columbia government (was fired today) in a free trade agreement proposal that is (now get this) opposed by Hillary
  • seeking a renewed effort to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates (because she is behind), after agreeing to them being not counted as punishment for them moving up their primary’s (before the elections started)

Imagine if Hillary were a black woman or a black man with these types of gaffs either at the beginning of the campaign or where the campaign is now. THE PRESS WOULD BE ALL OVER HER/HIM AND HE/SHE WOULD HAVE TO DROP OUT!

Thats fact!

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See for yourself how Fox News has been a conservative media outlet  that asserts itself as an attack dog for the GOP…

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